Extra 30% off Bonobos Sale Items

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JACKFROST30 = Extra 30% off Bonobos Sale Section

Big hat tip to Ryan N. for sending in the style tip on this one…

Ever since Bonobos went from the Banana Republic promo code strategy (almost always available) to the J. Crew promo code strategy (every so often, an extra 30% off sale items)… their goods have been just out of reach for many of us.  Even when something would go on sale, it’d still be pretty pricey.  And when an extra 30% off code would roll around, selection was usually just so-so.

Not the case this time.  Seems like there’s plenty of sizes in the average range (yay for us average guys) and they dumped some new stock in there.  Code JACKFROST30 takes the extra 30% off at checkout.  Speaking of checking out…

Roanoake Dark Resin Wash jeans in straight or slim straight – $54.60 ($145)
Roanoake Denim

Made in the USA

Sure they aren’t a super dark solid pair w/out whiskering, but if you’re looking to mix it up a little in the denim department, these are pretty low risk when it comes to style.  That, and they’re made in the USA from Cone mills denim.  Just over fifty for Bonobos denim in a couple of standard fits and a not too out there color?  Nice.


Travel Jeans to London – $40.60 ($98)
Wanna see my Thames?

Wanna see my Thames?

Sizes are moving very fast.  And for good reason.  Grey jeans play well with blue cotton sportcoats and look nothing like a pair of boring, Best Buy employee issue khakis.


Timberland Abington Hiker – $119.00 ($230)
Siren song is being sung loud.

Siren song is being sung loud.

Oof.  Look at those.  For $120?  Horween leather on a Vibram sole.  Not gonna get you to the top of Mt. Everest, but for a pair of dependable get around town boots…


Impresario in Blue/White Pencil Stripe, Light Blue, or White – $40.50 ($98)
These three could take you a lonnnng way.

These three could take you a lonnnng way.

A wide variety of neck/sleeve combos on all three of these (at post time), but not every size is available.  That blue/white pencil stripe might stick around thanks to the fact that you can’t make out the stripes that well in the thumbnail.  Looks to be about perfect up close though.


Flannel Lined “Lumberslacks” in Grey – $55.30 ($118)
Shearling Al Borland.

Shearling Al Borland.

If you’re one of the many of us stuck in the grips of a strangely cold winter this year, these might just be your best friend when venturing outdoors.  Flannel lined cotton twill pans with the Bonobos fit.


The Piedmont Khaki Herrinbone Blazer – $194.60 ($398)
You could always wear it with jeans too.

Those are some green pants.

Khaki herringbone Italian wool blazer with tons of sizes available.  Looks a little like the Ludlow herringbone sportcoat in “oatmeal” that’s been hanging out in the J. Crew Sale section for awhile (also 30% off with the code STYLEFIND)  No ninja service w/ J. Crew though, and that one is running $210.


Galloways – $55.30 ($175)


A little bit of luxury buried mid way down the sale page?  They’ll have to be hemmed, but they’re made in Canada from Italian wool (Marzotto).  Straight leg, great plaid pattern.


Aberdeen Grey w/ blue overcheck – $55.30 ($185)
Deserves the "trouser" title.

Deserves the “trouser” title.

Buried luxury part II.  Lots of sizes.  If you’re a trouser guy, then these with their blue overcheck that jumps off the glen plaid might be right up your alley.  Will need to be hemmed.


Ninja Pants 2.0 in Blue, Khaki, or Navy – $41.30 ($110)
New weekend favorites?

New weekend favorites?

For those of us who might not be totally on board with the well fitting cargo-pant trend, but might give something similar a try.  Front utility pockets, back flap pockets, and a button fly.


Lead Honchos Cords – $40.60 ($108)
Nice way to break out of the jeans rut.

Nice way to break out of the jeans rut.

Surprisingly good size selection left on these, despite them being a basic shade and a nice mid-weight cord.  96% cotton and 4% lycra for some stretch.


Meriwether Khaki Suit Jacket & Pant – $193.20 ($425)
It's a cool... cool cool (looking) summer...

“It’s a cool… cool cool (looking) summer…”

Know you’ll be attending a wedding this summer someplace warm?  Maybe your own?  Slim lapels and non functioning buttons.  Points for that last detail (or, non-detail) so you can get the cuffs tailored to your specific arm length.  A great price for a high quality cotton suit… just horribly out of season right now.  Average guy sizes of 38, 40, and 42 available at post time.


Eastland Sherman Suede – $105 ($225)
Authentic looks, inexpensive price.

Authentic looks, inexpensive price.

One of them comfy yet not weak-looking pairs of casual boots.  Suede uppers, rawhide laces, and now more than half off with the extra 30% off code.


The Gramercy Topcoat in Black or Camel – $245 ($468)
Limited sizes here.

Limited sizes here.

Buttoning the bottom two buttons of a single breasted topcoat (or suit for that matter) isn’t the most flattering look.  Available in 40R for both at post time, but the rest of the sizes are pretty limited.  75% wool, 20% nylon, and 5% cashmere.

The extra 30% off sale items code JACKFROST30 expires Friday 1/18/13.  Most of you guys know how fast these Bonobos sale items can move, so be warned that many of these items could dry up quick.