The Midwinter Fix: Banana Republic 35% off

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BRSAVE35 = 35% off at

The noteworthy exclusions: Monogram, Heritage, Leather Apparel, select shoes and boots, and new arrivals.

It’s not spring.  Not even close.  Yet some retailers (*cough* UNIQLO) look like they’re laying Easter Eggs out of their keisters.  (For example: This guy.  That’s the satisfied look one beams after expelling a football-sized pastel butt bomb.)  What we need, is some transitional stuff.  A Brooklyn, but for your closet.  B.R. to the rescue… kinda.

Unlike all of the clearance sales, the code BRSAVE35 isn’t limited to just sale items.  But there are plenty of exclusions.  “New arrivals” are excluded.  And there’s plenty of those sprinkled throughout the site.  Just when you think you’ve found a basic, you add it to your art, try to apply the code and… nothin’.  But their regular suiting and blazers are a go (as long as they aren’t a new arrival).  Picks that the code can be applied to are as followed, and all could be worn now and well into the spring.

UPDATE:  Looks like BRSAVE40 is working for most if not all for 40% off, which is pretty stellar.  Many thanks to Redford in the comments with the catch.  Updated prices shown below the items.


Tailored Taupe Cotton Blazer – $128.70 ($198)
A nice way to get from winter to spring

A nice way to get from winter to spring

A total steal at this price.  Sometimes BR cotton blazers get to the $225 price point and you can feel a difference in the fabric.  This one feels like one of those higher priced versions, only it’s less expensive.  Fit is going to be nails for some off the rack.  Color is starting to lean just a bit to the grey side, and looks great with jeans.

BRSAVE40 = $118.80


Vintage Straight Fit 5-Pocket Pant – $51.67 ($79.50)
Also available in a taupe and white.  We ain't to the white yet.

Also available in a taupe and white. We ain’t to the white yet.

Still a bit of an investment, but this should trip the triggers of all those jeans addicts who just flat don’t like the feel and fit of most chinos.  5-pocket styling, a great Levi’s 514 (slim straight) type of fit, and the fabric has a bit of a thicker, canvas or denim like weave.  Size shown above is a 32×30.

BRSAVE40 = $47.70


Essential Belted Trench – $146.25 ($225)
Size Shown: M.  Coulda tightened the belt more in the back.

Size: Medium. Coulda tightened the belt more in the back.

The fit seems to be a little more generous on this spring’s version of BR’s classic trench, but the quality is the best they’ve ever cranked out.  Hard to believe this isn’t from their upgraded Heritage line.  The color is a little darker in person, but it’s nothing too out of the ordinary.  Exterior is 100% cotton but it has a bit of a treated, water repellent feel to it (not sure if it actually is).  And the construction is something else.  Interior detachable vest/lining is a partially quilted part wool thing.  It’s thick enough that unless you’re fighting off sub 20’s temps with regularity, you might be able to get away with this being a year round coat.

BRSAVE40 = $135.00


Tailored Birdseye Blazer – $146.25 ($225)
Not quite dark navy.

Not quite dark navy.

Back in stock and now, correctly identified as a 3-button blazer on Banana Republic’s website.  But it’s a 3/2 roll and pretty well executed at that.  Not a super-dark true navy.  So this one or the J. Crew Factory Thompson?

BRSAVE40 = $135.00


Extra Fine Merino V-Neck – $38.68 ($59.50)
Giving ol' man winter the visual bird.

It’s like someone put Bonobos pants on my torso.

One of the best sweaters available, now under $40 shipped (the free shipping at $50 kicks in pre-code, which is real nice).  Four colors available, with three having decent sizes.  These late winter doldrums aren’t a bad time to inject some brighter, but not pastel color into your wardrobe.  Extra-fine merino fabric makes em’ easy to layer.

BRSAVE40 = $35.70


Soft-Wash slim fit twill shirt – $38.68 ($59.50)
For when you want to look a little less office appropriate.

For when you want to look a little less office appropriate.

Haven’t seen this in person, but that looks like it might have a chambray like look to it?  BR’s soft wash slim fit shirts are great basics, and a darker chambray shirt like this that still has a little polish (and hasn’t gone full blown workwear) is a nice thing to have on hand.  It’s dark, but the chambray keeps it from drifting too far into “going out shirt” territory.  Plenty nice to layer under a sweater too.

BRSAVE40 = $35.70


Tailored charcoal Italian wool jacket & matching pant – $328.25 ($505)

The “I don’t wear a suit a ton but I like to look good and I’m on a budget” suit

This is the sweet spot for the guys who can’t drop the extra $140 for a SuitSupply, but want something with not a lot of shoulder padding, decently high armholes, and a tapered off the rack jacket.  Yes, it’s fused, but this is as good as a fused suit gets (you hear that?  Snobs just somewhere snorted… let em’).  One of their Italian Fabric models that feels great and wears surprisingly well.

BRSAVE40 = $303.00


Edward Work Bag – $68.25 ($150)
Little cost, big you-can-take-me-seriously factor.

Little cost, big you-can-take-me-seriously factor.

Already on sale and one of the few times that bags haven’t been excluded from a code north of 30%.  Is it a Saddleback?  Absolutely not.  But it looks awfully sleek for under $70.  Nylon exterior with a good amount of room for a laptop, extra papers, newspaper, cell, etc.  Matte silver hardware which is key for lots of us.  Shape starts to get a little mushy over time, but doesn’t totally collapse on itself.  It’s not the last case you’re gonna buy, but it should treat you fine for seventy bucks.

BRSAVE40 = $63.59


Landen Chukka – $102.70 ($158)
Grey Suedes are close to sold out.

Grey Suedes are close to sold out.

Make no mistake.  BR shoes can be a risk.  But sometimes they hold up well (like these… still hangin’ in there and seen some use).  Looks like it could be a suit worthy chukka for some limited “I need a shoe to beat up in this weather” / “I’m chasing someone through a Turkish Market” duty.

BRSAVE40 = $94.80


Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Sweater – $59.50 (new arrival, so no discount)
Size Shown: Medium (coulda sized down)

Size Shown: Medium (coulda sized down)

This one’s a new arrival, so it’s not up for the discount, but worth a mention for future sales.  It’s labeled as a plain ol’ “cotton v-neck pullover” online, but the description correctly says it’s 10% cashmere.  And somehow, someway, that actually has made a big difference this time around.  Most of the time, cotton/cashmere sweaters (from any brand) feel hardly any different from a plain ol’ cotton sweater.  These feel much, much softer, and the collars are nice and substantial.  Worth keeping an eye on.

The 35% off code BRSAVE35 expires at the end of today, 1/29/13.  Same goes for BRSAVE40