3,2,1. Quick Picks for the 30% off Gap INC sale.

35% if you've got a card.  BR, ON, & Gap.

30% off Banana Republic.com, Gap.com, and OldNavy.com w/ 24HOURS

30% is the line for most of us.  Gap’s three brands run sales so often, than now most of us have been trained to wait until it’s 30% off, if not more.  But as the % off grows, so do the exclusions.  So while 30% off isn’t eye bugging, it does usually allow for their regular suits and sportcoats to go on sale, as well as new arrivals (all which risk getting excluded at higher % off.)

If you’ve taken the plunge on a GAP, BR, or Old Navy credit card then you get 35% off (30% is shown below).  Code 24HOURS is good for, you guessed it, 24 hours and expires tonight.  3 picks from BR, 2 from Gap, and 1 from, yes… even Old Navy follow.  And if 30% off isn’t enough to flip your skirt, at least these basics might be worth keeping an eye on for future bigger discounts.  One hopes.

Banana Republic Quilted Navy Jacket – $105 ($150)
Big fan of this color.  Will it be the same in person?

Big fan of this color. Will it be the same in person?

Here’s to hoping this looks just as good and is built just as strong as the alternative from Boden (which is down to a lighter blue).  A quilted, yet not too-poofy jacket walks that perfect line between urban and outdoors.  Button and zip front, trench-like tabs at the cuffs, and vents in the back.  New arrival, and haven’t seen it in store yet.


Banana Republic Casual Cotton Blazer –$138.60 ($198)
2-button?  Seeing three here.

2-button? Seeing three here.

Out of the gates this thing was labeled “Navy Cotton Two-Button Blazer”.  Two buttons huh?  Anyway, this looks like it’s only partially lined, and could be extremely unstructured (but might look a little less rumpled than the Target Merona Kensington).  Just button the center button and it’ll probably do that casually hang open a bit thing, extending the lapels visually more than they are in these pics.  Patch pockets and pick stitching are a nice touch. Meanwhile this taupe and this grey herringbone tailored cotton blazer keep the cotton blazer thing going strong at BR.


“Tailored Slim Fit” Stretch Shirt – $41.65($59.50)
Tailored Slim = New, extra slim.

Tailored Slim = New, extra slim.

A terrific basic, now in a new fit.  The “Tailored Slim Fit” is an even slimmer fitting shirt than their “slim fit” shirt.  You can see their three fits at the top of the page here, and here’s how their “slim fit” compares to an Express 1MX fitted.  Haven’t tried the new closer fit on yet, but for you thin guys, it might be well worth the look.  Plus, BR ships at $50 pre code.  Wouldn’t mind if they just labeled their shirts “not slim, sorta slim, and real slim”.  3% spandex for some stretch, and they’ve held up real well for me.


GAP Basic Leather Belt in Brown or Black – $20.97 ($29.95)
An essential that's incredibly affordable.

An essential that’s incredibly affordable.

As some of their other products seem to have gotten thinner and more flimsy over the years (*cough* sweaters *cough*) these things just keep on truckin’ along.  If you wear jeans a lot, these are a basic that set a high standard at a low price.  Have had a pair myself for at least 5… maybe 10 years, and they show no signs of giving up.  Quality on the new ones seems to have stayed more or less the same too.


GAP lived in slim khaki – $41.97 ($59.50)
Purple pants?  Anyone?

Purple pants? Anyone?

Well they’re not Bonobos prices, that’s for sure.  But be careful here, the GAP slim fit can get REAL slim, real quick. So if you’re packing meat on your legs, and you don’t want your pants painted on, then maybe hold off.  4/5 stars after 100 reviews.


Old Navy Slim Fit Corduroy Shirt – $17.60 ($29.94)
Throwback in a not too enormous fit.

A throwback in a not too enormous fit.

Who wants to split some wood?  For those cold and snowy weekends or evenings where leaving the house would require some sort of herculean effort.  Warmer than poplin for sure.  Extra texture.  Wear it under a v-neck.  Wear it with a cord blazer and you’re stylistically dividing by zero.  Your universe might collapse.


The where’d it go?  B.R. Trench – $???  (update: here it be)
All over the site, except for purchase?

All over the site, except for purchase?

It’s all over their website.  And after seeing it in store (but not trying it on… no mediums) it looks like Banana Republic has nailed it with their trench coat once again.  If memory serves, it’s just a shade darker and has a 100% cotton exterior.  That all cotton exterior was a little disappointing, since a blend of nylon seems to keep water out better, but it feels like there may have been some sort of treatment applied to the fabric.  It’s not stiff in the least, but you get the feeling that it could keep the water out.

UPDATE:  It showed back up on their site overnight.  $225 list price.  Thanks to Nicholas for the tip in the comments.

The 30% off code 24HOURS at Banana Republic.comGap.com, & OldNavy.com expires at 11:59pm ET tonight, 1/8.