Win it: The Ernest Alexander Bedford Overnight Bag

You'll get a lot.  But you'll pay a lot.  Now $50 off though.
Bedford British Tan Wax Overnight Bag – $415* ($465)

Ernest Alexander is offering $50 off orders of $200+ (and $25 off $100+) if you join their email newsletter, recommend their website on Facebook, or send out a Tweet about them.  Details here.

The hell is a four-hundred dollar duffel bag doing on Dappered?  Before we all mess our collective twenty-five-dollar Mossimo 5-Pocket drawers, here’s the explanation:

  • They sent the wrong bag.  The Oliver Weekender ($345) was supposed to be sent along for a review.  Lucky be the person who wins the drawing for this one.
  • But $345 is still insane for a bag!?!”  Totally hear you.  But recognize that there are two camps here.  Many of us are just fine with a $200, $100, or even cheaper carry-on sized bag.  But others, and these are the types who also like $400 briefcases, want to invest just once in something and move on.
  • If Aston Martin wants to send along a DB9 for a review and giveaway, this website ain’t gonna turn that down either.*

No doubt, it’s eye catching.  2000 cubic inches of space is surrounded by waxed canvas, dark leather handles & straps, and brass hardware and rivets.  Each end has a cinch down buckle to tighten up, or, release the corners and allow for more space.  It’s incredibly well made, but it’s still relatively lightweight and extremely easy to carry.  Seems like they designed this thing to be durable, but also avoided that 1950s refrigerator-heavy bulk that can sometimes come with stuff that’s built to last.  Nice play by them.

The leather is so dark that it almost looks black in some light (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  No logos on the exterior except for a barely noticeable embossed logo on the removable shoulder strap.  Made in the USA.

But $465 before the promotion their running?  Man.  That’s almost $500.  That’s rent for a lot of guys.  $500 is also half a grand (fantastic math skills, right?).  And that’s a mortgage payment (or more) for plenty.  That’s a ton of money considering all of the other options out there.  And one of those options they also make.  The already mentioned Oliver weekender.  That’s almost the exact same size and can be had for $70 less.  There’s also this awfully similar, yet smaller version going for $276.50 at Club Monaco if you use the code SAVE30 (exp. 12/12, good on $150+)

It’s something plenty will drool over, but drooling is as far as most will go due to the steep price tag.  Good thing it’s moisture repellent.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Luke R. who won the random drawing for the Bedford Overnight Bag!  Meanwhile, Ernest Alexander is offering 20% off site wide with the code, wait for it… Dappered20 through tomorrow 12/14/12. 

*That all said, no one can buy their way into a review & giveaway.  There has to be genuine interest.  Sorry Spanx.