Win it: The Blue Claw Co. Frankfurt Field Brief

Forget the phone-book, try tearing this in half.

Blue Claw Co. Frankfurt Field Brief in British Tan – $190.00

This one’s a bit of a wallflower.  But like many who are reluctant to show their stuff unless prompted, it’s impressive, it just doesn’t shout.  It’s an inside-voice all the time kinda bag.

Like everything else Blue Claw cranks out, it seems to be built to withstand an elephant stampede.  15 0z waxed canvas that’s got a “we figured out how to smelt cotton” toughness to it.  Beastly thick leather.  Big, uniform stitching that puts all of our button sewing skills to absolute shame.  The zipper looks like Jack just shot back down the beanstalk with it, leaving an angry giant with damaged pants in his wake.

Blue Claw Co.’s signature blue cotton liner.  Great visual pop, that by design, few see.

It’s big enough to fit a 15″ laptop, and you should have enough room for plenty of other daily necessities along with the computer.  It’s got some depth to it, but as long as it’s not overloaded, it’ll keep a reasonably trim profile.  There’s two exterior side pockets (one of which has been split vertically in two by stitching) and the interior is separated into two compartments.  One small zippered compartment, and quite possibly the most well made pen holder ever, finish off the inside.

Thick… everything.  Leather, zipper, d-rings, etc.

Blue Claw Co. says this in the bag’s description:  “a briefcase can certainly demonstrate you deserve that seat at the boardroom table.”   While that’s true, this particular briefcase looks more ready for an architect’s desk.  Or getting thrown into a truck headed to a job-site.  That’s no knock against it, it’s just not all that white-collar looking.  If you’re looking for something with a little more visual reach, know they do make a grey, black, and navy version.

No, most won’t consider this briefcase the sexiest girl at the dance, but by God when the Zombies come rolling out of the hills, this is the type to grab a shotgun and start blasting away right beside you.

Enter here to win this Frankfurt Brief from Blue Claw Co. One entry per person. Deadline is 11:59 pm ET on 12/4/12.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Scott H. who won the random drawing for the Frankfurt!  Thanks again to Blue Claw Co.