Style Scenario: Santa on Christmas Eve

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What are you going to wear?  Or in this instance, what is HE going wear?  St. Nick has a heck of a job ahead of him tonight.  Lots of miles to cover, lots of soot filled chimneys to get down, lots of cookie crumbs and milk spills to avoid. It’s a dirty job, but that doesn’t mean Santa can’t look sharp while getting it done.  Here’s what he’ll most likely be geared up in while putting another 25k-50k miles on the sleigh this evening.  Top Photo Credit

The Boots: Wolverine 1000 Mile Winchester Brogue – $330.00

Sharp & beastly.

Have you seen how deep rooftop snow can get in the Northern reaches?  Chukkas won’t cut it, and St. Nick has always sported shin high drift kickers.  Part of the well known & appreciated Wolverine 1000 mile collection.  Post purchase modifications for Santa include waterproofing and a lug sole for shingle grip, all done by his workshop’s Q branch.  They are elves after all, shoes and toys… it’s what they do.


The Pants:  L.E.C. Moleskin 628 Straight Fit in “Currant” – $49.99 ($70)

The straight, not slim fit, for Mr. Claus.

Moleskin is cotton, but it’s thicker and a bit softer than a standard chino.  And while Santa might have been kicking tail on his circuit training in prep for the big night, he’s not quite down to the level of the 608 slim fit yet (fit comparison here).  Straight fit is still athletic, but not super tight.  Hang out for an extra % off sale and they’ll surely go lower than the current on sale price of $49.99.  Free shipping no minimum with GETAGIFT and pin 1246.


The Shirt & Sweater:  L.L. Bean Signature – $59  | jcp cashmere – $45 (check in store)

The guy obviously likes a few specific colors.

Layers.  It’s all about layers.  The man’s hitting more than a few different climates tonight, so he’s got to be ready to reduce his insulation on short notice.  Check in store for those cashmere jcp sweaters.  And prepare to size down.


The Vest: Boden Quilted Gilet – $68.60 ($98)

For under the big coat.

Really good quality for the price.  Haven’t seen the vest in person, but it’s armed jacket brother has a vintage inspired Westminster brushed/flannel like cotton lining, cordury collar, great hardware, and perfectly placed pockets. Part of Boden’s winter sale.


The Gloves:  Filson Lined Leather Mittens – $110.00

“Might as well have the best”… Santa.

Similar to the mittens pilots and bomber crews would wear in WWII.  St. Nick’s mission is obviously more peaceful, but these’ll keep his fingers from freezing off while working the reins.  Yes these are brown, but with all the naughty list lumps of coal he has to load up, they’ll be black and matching his boots by takeoff.


The Scarf: Club Monaco Tartan – $35.40 w/SAVE40 ($89.50)

Wool, 25″ wide, and 70″ long.

Part of the current 40% off sale items sale going on at Club Monaco.  Free shipping too.  That helps when the delivery guy has to get clear up to the North pole.


The Watch:  Victorinox Dive Master 500 Chronograph – $458.40 ($995)

Wow that’s red.

Yes, it’s a quartz, but it’s a Swiss Made chronograph (perfect for keeping precise splits for sleigh to chimney to tree) that’s built like a tank.  500 m water resistance, unidirectional bezel, sapphire crystal.  Expensive.  But hey, Santa’s specific.  Meanwhile, his flight crew sports these Casio G-shock rescues.


The Warmer: Binocular Flask – $22.99 | Zirbenz Stone Pine Liquor – $27 – $33

“Keep her steady Blitzen!”

Hard to imagine anything more Santa appropriate than an Alps sourced stone-pine fruit liquor that’s both warming and has a slight pine finish.  The binoculars?  Um… well they’re for scouting out rooftop landings of course.  Which is precisely what little Johnny would hear from Santa if he by chance caught him in the act of putting presents under the tree.  Rosey cheeks indeed.


The Coat: Gore-Tex sub-membrane Cashmere Lined Knee Length Topcoat

Eat it North Face.

Custom by Mrs. Claus.  Buckle is brass and belt is, wait for it… Horween Shell Cordovan.  We assume.