Six luxe gifts for her

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Times are tough right now.  If the Mayan predicted apocalypse doesn’t take us out, the fiscal cliff might just do the deed.  Or zombies.  There’s always the threat of zombies.  So maybe you’re looking to get a gift for your girl that will leave that final, lasting impression she can think fondly on as the smell of maple syrup permeates your city.  OR, maybe you just want to splurge on her this year, but you’re not quite at that point in your life that sticking a big red bow on a Lexus is feasible.  Here are six luxury gift suggestions that will, rather than break, put a dent in the bank.  We’re going quality over quantity here.

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Ellen – $238

Available in four colors

This cross-body bag from Kate Spade is perfect for the girl who prefers to look stylish while riding her bike to meet up with friends, or braving the pit at one of her favorite concert houses.  Kate Spade bags are well constructed and can take a beating, but are simplistic enough in design that they aren’t over the top.  This bag should last for years.  Price tag making things pucker?  Here’s a wallet version that many will be able to afford.


Large Sophie Jewelry Box – $159 ($199)

Keeping her jewelry stored

Some women have a weakness for jewelry (nobody I know!), and they end up amassing a collection that gets stored in and hung from the oddest things.  When this starts happening, a large jewelry box to collect all her baubles in can be very handy.  The sophisticated and feminine Sophie Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn will not only store her jewelry, but it makes a great decoration piece.  The retro shape and the clean exterior will fit perfectly into french shabby chic or modern decor.


White + Warren Cashmere Bolero – $195

Warm and refined

Bolero’s are such versatile sweaters.  Throw it on over a tank top with jeans, or wear it over a sleeveless holiday dress.  The quality of the fabric makes it work in many situations.  The bolero pictured above comes in 5 different shades and is 100% cashmere.  Truly a luxury to own one of these, but she’s likely going to want to wear it as often as she can.  Here is a similar bolero on Amazon for much less, but it only comes in one color.  If it’s a color she likes though, score!


Sephora Prestige Luxe Brush Set – $125

A brush for all looks

Why the heck would any women need so many makeup brushes you ask?   Trust me, us women can easily make use of all of these.  And higher end brushes truly do make a difference in makeup applications.  Plus, cheaper brushes tend to start loosing their bristles quickly.  That won’t happen with a high end brush.  If your girl enjoys makeup (she doesn’t have to be a makeup hound), she’d likely appreciate this.  Makeup brushes should be used for only so long, so even if she currently has a set, she’ll eventually need to move on to a new one.


Behida Dolic Millinery Handmade Felt Hat

Art for the head

This is a total splurge, and a very unique gift.  A handmade felt hat, by a trained craftsman (or woman, in this case), is truly a work of art.  The hats offered by Behida Dolic are fantastic in form, and are custom made to ensure proper fit.  This gift is for a woman that would treasure a hat like this, seeing as the median price on these beauties run about $375.  A truly extraordinary gift for the woman that loves the art of millinery.  For a few less expensive options, check out Etsy shop Luminata Millinery.  I’ve seen her hats before in person, and they are beautiful.


2002 Bollinger “Grande Année” Brut Champagne – $114.99

Save this one past New Year’s

How often does the average girl have a really nice bottle of champagne in her arsenal?  A wine and food lover should be pretty happy with a gift like this.  If you prefer to give her a more recognizable brand, try this or this.  Not to be used for final, drunken NYE toasts or spraying another human being with.  Unless, of course, those are her wishes.

These are all specific, but hopefully they’ve pointed you gents in some kind of direction.  Are you splurging this year on a gift for her?  What are you getting (assuming she doesn’t read Dappered)?  Leave it all in the comments.