Quick Picks: Park & Bond’s Winter Sale

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Park & Bond Winter Sale:  Up to 50% off

In case you missed it, Park & Bond looks like it’s going the way of CLAD.  Hoping for a CLAD-like-liquidation is probably hoping for a bit much, being that you’d think they could just sell off what was left on Giltman.  More here.

Been awhile Park & Bond. The retail arm of Giltman has launched a decent sized sale that starts with items under ten bucks and runs well into used-Honda-Civic territory. But that’s what Park & Bond is.  Lots of names, some extremely high end stuff, and plenty of items that when full retail, there’s no chance any of us would take a stab at them.  But when they dump a ton of inventory into their sale section, then it’s certainly worth a closer look.

Only items with a decent range of sizes at post time were selected, but you guys know how any sale under the Gilt umbrella can go…  Sneeze, and by the time you open your eyes that item you were considering is gone.

NOTE:  If you’re already a GILT member, check your email.  You might be able to stack a 50%, 30%, or 20% off offer on top of some of these.  Not everyone seems to have gotten one though.  Hat tip to red devil in the comments.

Loake Hilton Perforated Cap Toes – $170 ($340)

Not all black shoes are boring.

Goodyear Welted, terrific reputation, and spot on styling.  Hard not to love that medallion, which somehow manages to look vintage and modern all at the same time.  Made in the U.K.  Sizes are slightly limited, but there was a surprisingly decent selection left at post time (8.5, 10, 11, 11.5… but they’ll go quick?)


Cole Haan Air Madison Monk Strap – $124.00 ($248)

Would you?

Here’s a mini would you wear it.  Plenty of sizes left.  Singe monk with a somewhat sizeable roller buckle (sort of reminds you of the Allen Edmonds Lubbock).  Grain leather, Nike air in the heel, and light tan in color.  Toe shape is perfect.


Vince Quilted Jacket – $199.00 ($395)

Quilted w/out the stay puft

A smaller than usual quilted pattern on a slim looking dark neutral body.  Hard not to like the piping at the neck, hem, and cuffs as well.  Snaps and a zipper front give you choices.  Ohhhhh choices.


Spiewak & Sons Block Island Jacket – $122.00 ($174)

Thicker in the britches. Even though it’s a jacket.

Meanwhile, one weight class up but still far from those sumo life-preserver puffers…


To Boot Zach Suede Drivers – $193.00 ($275)

Elvis meets Andretti.

Blue Suede… drivers?  Now just under $200, so still plenty spendy.  Can shoes you wear only at home (until the snow melts) fall into the “Baller” category?  Does anyone even use the term “Baller” anymore?  Try them with jeans and a grey or honey colored corduroy or cotton sportcoat.  Made in Italy.


Persol Monoblock Wire Aviators – $103.00 ($205)

Top of the line looks… and everything else.

Whoa.  A hundred?  They’re about as versatile as a pair of sunglasses get.  Lenses don’t droop, the temples are nice and slim but not wires, and they’re far from overly sporty.  Extremely well made (got a pair during a Bluefly sale).  The Persol Arrow logo is worked in nicely at the temples.  Serious sunglasses.


The Tie Bar 1″ Tie Bar in Charcoal or Matte Black – $8.00 ($15)

Charcoal and Matte Black

Too tiny for some, and that’s understandable.  A 1″ tie bar can look great, but it also has that same feeling of riding a big roller coaster and the lap bar only getting half way across your second leg.  Great price though.  Made in the USA.


To Boot Phillip Chukkas – $245.00 ($350)

Lean. Plenty of mean.

The type of boots you absolutely wear with suits.  As sleek as it gets.  Made in Italy.


Brooks Brothers Rugby Stripe Scarf – $69.00 ($98)

Sheep playing rugby would be messy.

One of those items that you either have to really want, or, might be worth it if you’re sitting on some credits.  11″ wide, 39″ long, and made from lambswool.  Two patterns on this one too.


New Balance H710 Hiking Boot – $50.00 ($100)

When you need some comfort, but not full protection.

“Boot” might be a little generous.  These are dog walking shoes.  So you’ve got your running shoes, your cross trainers for other gym-related stuff, dress shoes, loafers, etc… These are for those early evening 45 minute walks with the pooch because she’s been stuck in the house all day and is so incredibly happy to see you when you get home.  Suede upper with a nicely padded shaft.  Made in the USA.  Fifty bucks is Jack Purcell territory.


Marc Jacbos Burgundy Suede gloves – $128.00 ($225)

Cashmere lined.

A major splurge.  But there’s just not a lot of burgundy suede gloves wandering around.  Some would argue that there’s a reason for that, but these don’t look like they’re screaming… too loudly.


Brooks Brothers Rugby Sweater – $64.00 ($128)

Hey Hey HEY! Albert’s ready for the scrum!

Careful with this one.  Brooks Brothers sweaters can run awfully big.  And the shot where it’s not on the model doesn’t do it any favors.  Made from lambswool.


Wings + Horns Waxed Lightweight Mac – $240.00 ($480)

Canuck Export.

Classic, rugged, and straightforward.  No wonder it’s made in Canada.  Looks like it might come with some pre-fading and distressing, so steer clear if you’re not okay with at least a little (if not more?) of that.


Red Wing 6″ Moc Toe Workboots – $168.00 ($240)

Man’s best friend.

The footwear version of a St. Bernard / Golden Retriever crossbreed.  Goodyear welt, Made in the USA, rawhide laces… you know the drill.  Sizes are a little limited on these.


Red Wing 6″ Moc Toe Workboots – $204.00 ($240)

“gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove”

The footwear version of a St. Bernard / Black Lab crossbr…


Alexander Olch Marled Wool Suspenders – $75.00 ($150)

Tweed braces.

These make me actually want to get old.  Not yet.  One day.


The Just-Won-The-Lotto Purchase: Salvatore Ferragamo Monkstrap – $498 ($995)

Rent? What rent?



WTF:  Thom Browne Dog-Embroiderd Corduroy Sportcoat – $1425 ($2850)

50% off!

Proof that this world is big enough, and there’s enough people on it, that if you can think of something, anything, it’s being done somewhere right now.  With Gusto.  And most certainly drunk.

No word as of yet when these prices expire, when Gilt will close Park & Bond down, or if PETA will launch a protest against that Thom Browne blazer.  Leave your thoughts on P&B in the comments below.