jcp Extra 20% off Friends & Family Sale

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20FORYOU = Extra 20% off at jcpenny

It’s been a good year, stylistically, for JC Penney.  Their jcp line launched, their stores started looking less chaotic, and they made a commitment to end the constant avalanche of coupons, codes, and other promos they used to do…

All right, so  maybe that last idea wasn’t the best.

They’re not doing so hot on the ledger sheet, and many have blamed the no-more-sales strategy.  So a few months ago they did a 180 and resurrected codes.  20FORYOU is good for an extra 20% off through today, 12/10.  Big hat tip to Andrew G. for sending in the style tip.  Shipping to your door is free at $50 after the code is applied.  Shipping to a jcp store is free with no minimum.  This is also good IN store, so if you’re heading to a brick and mortar, you’ll need the flyer.  Picks from their website are as follows:

Stafford Camlin Wingtip Boot – $48.00 ($60)

Before and after applying black shoe creme.

SIZE DOWN.  A new favorite for sure, but you have to size down.  Most by a full size.  Really.  They’re a nice lighter brown out of the box, but if you want to darken them a little and give the leather more depth, try giving them a shine with black shoe creme.  Code takes twelve bucks off, but if they’re all you’re getting, that drops them just below the free shipping threshold and thus adds $8 more on.  You can always have them shipped to a store, or… you could get something cheap in clearance (gym shorts, socks, etc) to tip the balance.  Full review here.


jcp Oxford Cloth Button Down – $16.00 ($25)

Size shown: Medium. Untucked only to show true fit.

The current grand champ of affordable, casual, OCBDs.  Fit is incredible.  Fabric is nice and soft.  Price is insane now with the extra 20% off an already on sale price of $20.  Not the thickest oxford ever, but these are perfect for layering when you’re dressed down but not sloppy.  Six different color/pattern combos but some sizes are getting limited depending on the color.


jcp Striped Cotton Cashmere Sweater – $16.00 ($20)

Washing instructions = no dryer.

Fit is unknown  and that makes it a risk.  A sixteen dollar risk, but still, a risk.  Their solid cotton cashmere V-necks aren’t the trimmest fitting, and the sleeves can run a little tight.  Sizing down might work, but with those smaller circumference sleeves, you might be struggling to get an arm through there.


St. John’s Bay Keel Boat Shoes – $13.60 ($40)

Boat shoes = indoors for winter.

What do you call boat shoes purchased in the dead of winter?  Slippers.  Until spring at least.  Perfect for taking the garbage out or separating your feet from the ice cold floors this time of year.  At this price point they’re going to be cheaper than most slippers anyway.  Big fan of what looks to be a sorta nubuck/leather combo on this brown pair.  Already on clearance.  The extra 20% off knocks them down to this sub $15 price.


jcp All Wool Grey Blazer – $48.00 ($100.00)

Key is to size down.  This is a medium.  Needed a small.

All wool and now just under $50 (which, kinda stinks with the shipping threshold).  Smalls are sold out online, so for the vast majority of us who wear mediums, sizing down isn’t possible via the web.  And sizing down is a must.  Shoulderpads are there, but not terrible, fabric is a decent all wool with a little texture but isn’t super scratchy, and it drapes pretty well.


Izod Striped Belt – $13.60 ($25)

Color without going neon.

Already on clearance and not so loud you can’t wear it now.  Sizes are starting to get short (or wide?  Long?  Big?) but if you’re headed in store these might be worth trying to hunt down.  Also available in a too-bright-for-December yellow.


Levi’s 514 Slim Straight in Tumbled Rigid – $32.00 ($40)

Simple, slim, and straight.

Yes indeed, the code works on Levis.  The 514 is one click slimmer than the 501, and jcpenny’s website carries the deep dark tumbled rigid wash.  No button fly here of course, but if you prefer the button fly, they’ve got plenty of 501s too.  At post time their image rotator seemed screwed up, showing some awful butt-flap-pocket black wash jeans on the reverse angle.  Pretty sure Levi’s isn’t making their 514s in tumbled rigid with those atrocious pockets.  UPDATE:  For all things Levi’s, might be worth heading over to the Levi’s website.  40% off site wide with limited exclusions and free shipping w/ code MONDAY.  Hat tip to Jackson in the comments.


jcp Slim Straight Denim in Rinse – $17.60 ($30)

Size shown 32×30. Comparable to a 514.

And then there’s these.  Now under $20.  No branding, plain back pockets, and a deep, dark, blue wash.  Fit is pretty close to a 514.


JOE Joseph Abboud Cotton Mock Neck – $24.00 ($30)

Yay. No zipper.

The beefy, manly texture of this chunky-knit mock neck…” good grief.  Somebody fire up this.  Anyway, it’s cotton, the buttons at the mock neck look more than fine, and there’s some contrast rib detail at the placket.  Not bad for an extra layer on the weekend.


jcp Slim Straight Chinos – $24.00 ($30.00)

Size shown: 32×30.

They call these “relaxed fit” but they’re not frumpy.  Flat front.  Not too tight or too big or too weird.  Medium weight cotton.  The zipper isn’t the best, but it’ll do for $24.  Six colors available.  Smurf blue on the right can be found here.


Work King Quilted – $40 ($50) | Dockers Utility – $39.20 ($70)

Not much nonsense here.

Cheap and mean.  The Work King looks like something you could find vintage at a thrift store.  The Dockers Utility jacket is pretty straightfoward, but know it’s poly instead of cotton.


Stafford Ashton Wingtip – $48.00 ($60)

As good as a $50 shoe gets.

These were the first real sign that maybe jcp was taking a turn for the better with their style.  Leather is better than decent (especially for a fifty dollar pair of shoes), toe shape is perfect, and they’re a pair of lace ups you can wear pretty casually.  Also available in a black long-wing style called the Ashford.


jcp 2-ply Poplin shirt – $16.00  ($25.00)

Orange & blue = just different enough.

A well constructed shirt that fits quite a bit like their OCBD.  These poplins are made from a cotton that’s got some stiffness to it.  Hopefully that’ll release over a few washes?  Not scratchy stiff.  They’re plenty soft.  But still a little rigid.


Izod Plaid Puffer – $32.00 ($100)

Needs more double barreled shotgun.

Who knew they made life preservers for fox hunts?  Kidding.  Note that there is a small, stitched, tonal IZOD logo on the chest pocket.


NO:  Towncraft Elastic-Waist Shorts – $8.00 ($20)

So much sad.

4.5 out of 5 stars.  96 reviews.  Ninety.  Six.  Reviews.

The JC Penney Friends & Family extra 20% off code 20FORYOU expires today, 12/10/12.  If you’re headed to a brick and mortar store, you’ll need this flyer.