J. Crew: 30% Off Site Wide + Free Shipping Sale

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WISHLIST = 30% off at J. Crew (suiting excluded, exp. 12/17)

Who’d a thunk normally discount-prudish J. Crew would go on such a sale-run, that when one of their best events of the year came along it’d be mostly met with shrugs?  Better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday, this 30% off w/ WISHLIST code has no spending thresholds, isn’t limited to just the sale section, and free shipping is kicked in with no minimum.  Only knock against it is their continued use of “EVERY PURCHASE” in the verbiage when suiting (sorta a big deal) and some 3rd party merchandise is excluded as usual.

Meanwhile, should we be reading into this ramping up of sales at J. Crew at all?  It sure seems like J. Crew has increased their sales aggressiveness lately.  Used to be just sale items that’d get 30% off, and those events happened maybe once every 3 – 5 weeks.  Now it seems like they’re having a clearance arms race with themselves. Your take goes in the comments.  Now some quick picks, based on who’d be wearing these things…

He who is ready to upgrade the downtime shoe collection: Suede Wingtips – $90.99

An alternative to loafers & sneakers

Dark brown suede shoes can pull a lot of duty.  Now under $100, shipping is free, and lots of sizes.


Lost his hat already guy: Lambswool Hat – $20.65 ($45)

They seem to walk away don’t they?

Not plain, but doesn’t have a big puff ball on top either.  Lots of winter left.


Wants to channel his inner McQueen: Merino Turtleneck – $41.99 ($89.50)

Shades of Cousteau too.

Turtlenecks have made a bit of a comeback.  Finding nice ones for cheap usually isn’t easy…


… But totally voted over here for Cashmere: Cashmere Turtleneck – $90.99 ($245)

Also available in black, grey, and navy.

Your money, your neck.  $90 isn’t cheap, but when it was $245 and now only costs double that of a merino, the cashmere crowd might take notice.  Already on sale.  Plenty of sizes and 4 color options.


Addicted to Blazers Guy: Cotton Stripe – $131.60 | Corduroy – $96.60

$188 and $138 pre code.

It’s hard to look bad in a well cut jacket.  Both of these are made from cotton, lean more casual, are based on the Ludlow silhouette, and have little structure in the shoulders.  Heading out for beers jackets (or, staying in for beers).


Ski jacket everywhere, everyday guy: Bayswater Peacoat – $105 – $136.50

Good to give the Gore-Tex a rest every so often.

Already on sale, and if you’re good with black, it’s now incredibly inexpensive at just over a hundred dollars.  One of the year’s best, seemingly every year.


The Man in the Yellow Hat’s Stylish Brother: Hunting Peacoat – $152.60 ($318)

“I didn’t even know my brother shopped at Ikea.”

All Curious George kidding aside, kinda dig this coat.  It’s different, but not runway-obnoxious.  Cotton/nylon blend and waxed for extra durability in bad weather.  Diamond quilted sleeves.  Poachers pockets on the backside like 007’s in Skyfall.  Already on sale and the extra 30% off helps quite a bit.


Has always liked this belt guy:  Classic Plaque Belt – $34.65 ($49.50)

The un-rodeo

One of those items they introduced years ago that hasn’t changed much since.  It’s just an inch wide, so that plaque buckle up front won’t overwhelm your waist.  Ships free like everything else.


The Slim Layerer:  Slim Waffle Crew – $27.99 ($59.50)

Three colors available.

Some of those on the slighter side will drown in most standard cut clothes.  Layering requires keeping stuff pretty trim as it is.  Already on sale and now under $30 with the code.


The Minnesotan: Flannel Lined Chino in Regular Fit – $54.60 ($98)

Lumberjack interior

-5 with a -35 windchill is nothing to screw around with.  Especially when it comes to your thighs.  Equally appreciated in Casper, Grand Forks, Juneau, Flint, Bangor, Pueblo…


Cat snagged a favorite sweater victim: Lambswool Crew in Deep Navy – $24.49 ($64.50)

Lots of colors on sale, but the Navy is the cheapest.

They claim it’s “itch free”… but even if there is some scratch in there, so what.  It’s lambswool.  Hard to beat price especially when you consider that shipping is free as well.


The Groom: Thomas Mason for J. Crew Tux Shirt – $69.99 ($148)

Bib w/out the pleats.

A $70 shirt?  Well… how much is her dress going to cost?


Wears jeans all the time guy who likes going blue on blue and just got a fat bonus:
Ludlow Sportcoat in Herringbone English Wool – $229.60 ($328)
Texture, subtle pattern, and ticket pocket.

They still hand out end of year bonuses?  Or is it all jelly-of-the-month clubs now?  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something smoother, their Super 130s Ludlow Navy Blazer is back on the website.  Seemed to have gone missing for a few days?  Anyway, the fabric is incredible.  Still almost $300 with the code, but it’s something else.


Needs gift ideas badly & starting to panic boyfriend:  Women’s Cashmere Gloves – $31.49

Elegant yet cute. Like her. Right?

A little bit of luxury that’ll look and feel more expensive than what they’ll set you back.  Not all women like long gloves that go up their forearms, but when they’re cashmere?  That makes a big difference.  For more ideas from a women’s perspective, check out full clutch for a few picks.

Thoughts on the increase in J. Crew’s sales?  If memory serves, they weren’t this aggressive last year?  They seem to be doing just fine, with total revenues up 16% in the 3rd quarter (warning, there’s an over screen pop up that asks for email registration).  Do they run the risk of causing this kind of expectation with customers?  Leave it all below.