Day off and looking ahead to next week

A little quieter, but not totally silent.

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Monday begins the annual “everyone has checked out and that more or less includes us” week.  But just because things will be quieter than usual, that doesn’t mean it’ll be totally silent.  Here’s what to expect in these last few days of 2012, plus what’s coming up in early 2013:

  • A style scenario for one specific individual on Monday.
  • Finding the best in Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale for Men, which launches Wednesday.
  • The Dappys“.  Awful name, but a good list of the best 2012 had to offer for affordable men’s style.
  • Style Resolutions for 2013
  • Men’s Style predictions for the upcoming year
  • A collective karma boost  that’ll help your closet exhale.
  • Shoe toe options, what might go into having style, most wanted, etc…

Happy holidays from all of us here at