Brooks Brothers – 40% off all accessories & outerwear

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5 Days of Savings at Brooks Brothers: 40% off Accessories & Outerwear

Even with a big discount, a Brooks Brothers suit can be out of financial reach for plenty.  But knock a card case down a big percentage, or an “I’m gonna use it every day” item like a briefcase or coat, and a lot of our ears collectively perk up.  That’s what makes today’s “5 Days of Savings” Brooks Brothers offer so tempting.  40% off accessories (nope, shoes aren’t included), and 40% off outerwear.  But it’s only good through today.  You might want to read this, or toss your wallet out the window before we get underway.  Because there ain’t enough wax to go around and the siren song is getting awful loud.

Filson Twill original Briefcase – $135.00 ($225)

An all time great price.

One thirty fi… (obligatory)  These are included in the sale?  Made in the USA, that Filson mix of rugged and refined, and legendary.  Bridle leather and water repellent twill.  Stock appears to be very low, and might not ship until January.  This the best price on these ever?  Also, the slightly larger Filson twill computer case drops to $165 with the discount.
UPDATE:  Looks like the Original Brief is sold out, and most if not all of the Filson goods are now on backorder with estimated ship dates coming up for 1/11/13. 


Filson Medium Duffel – $177.00 ($295)

A whopping 4550 cubic inches of space.

The official duffel of those who believe 99% of the weekender bags produced these days seem a little too feminine.  Low stock on this as well.  Starting to wonder if the limited stock is more than just a coincidence?  The easier to wield “Travel Bag” is on sale for the same price.  2500ish cubic inches of space on that one.


Slim Laptop Briefcase – $178.80 ($298)

Made in the USA

The perfect combination of class and functionality.  Made in the USA too.  Ballistic nylon, leather accents, and a price tag that means you won’t get something cheap looking or ready to fall apart, but won’t cripple the fun budget for months either.  Something that’ll impress the boss but not look like you’re trying too hard.


Filson Cover Cloth Bomber – $141.00 ($235)

Left pic: Brooks Brothers. Right pic: Filson

More Filson, only this time in wearable form.  As straightfoward as a casual jacket gets.  Has that leather jacket sorta vibe (yes, the word “vibe” was just used) without the cost of leather, or that look of faux-leather.  Plenty tough.  Made in the USA.  What last year’s Charles & 1/2 jacket aspired to be before it drank too much freshman year and dropped out (still a hell of a coat though, that one).


Brooks Brothers Water Repellent Cotton Mariner Jacket – $178.80 ($298.00)

Also available in olive and navy.

The Brooks Brothers alternative to the Filson.  Looks like this one has more of a stand up collar instead of the traditional bomber lay-down style.  Lined with linen on the top half and cotton on the bottom.  Available in three shades.  Self/tonal elbow patches and a detachable hood.


Brooks Brothers Keyhole Sunglasses – $51.00 ($85)

Casual, and going to be too retro for some.

There just aren’t many sunglasses in that $45 – $65 range.  They’re either gas station specials, or high end triple digit designer things.  Sure there are some exceptions, but they’re awfully few and far between.  The extra 40% off knocks Brooks Brothers branded sunglasses down into that rare, mid-range territory.


Brooks Brothers Metal Navigator (black) or Metal Aviator (brown) – $57.00 ($95)

For sunglasses, less plastic = more dressed up.

Here’s the bottom line on these:  For $95?  Nah.  For $57?  Well hang on a minute now…  Full review over here.


Pebble Card Case – $34.80 ($58) | Golden Fleece Card Case – $58.80 ($98)

Little things, big discount.

Little splurges.  Each of them.  Pebble texture on the cheaper one, and the embossed Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece logo on the more expensive case might melt even the coldest no-logo hearts.  Both come in black or brown.


Wool Plaid Pocket Square – $16.80 ($28) | Tattersall Pocket Square – $12.00 ($20)

Might wanna skip blowing your nose in these.

Yes, they’re just squares of cloth.  And sure, you could probably hack up an old shirt and fold it “just so” to get your own.  But the patterns and fabrics here, plus their lower than normal price, are worth a look.


Ribbon Belt in Navy & Red –$28.80 ($48) | Ribbon Belt in Green & Gold – $28.80  ($48)

It’s July in Christmas!  Or… something.

A little bit of that bright summer belt trend only toned down for the colder months.  1.5″ wide, made from poly, and here’s to hoping it doesn’t slip too much throughout the day.


Sterling Silver Knot Cufflinks – $57.00 ($95)

Worst. Sheepshank. Ever.

Undeniably classic in sterling silver.  Just the right amount of flash while still remaining subtle.


Snapper Lace BB #2 Cufflinks – $135.00 ($225)

Instant heirlooms.

Just might be the best looking cufflinks on the market.  Modeled after a 1920s style where the cuff link snaps open so you can slide it through the holes in your french cuffs, then snaps close to keep it secure.  Silver plated.  Made in the USA.  A splurge, or, a hell of a gift from a woman who was just proposed to and wants to give her guy something real nice since she just got that ring.


Filson Bridle Leather Flask – $42.00 ($70)

6 oz. of USA goodness.

Well all right.  With the 40% off, you can now afford to get him the flask as well as a bottle of something to put in it.  Made in the USA, bridle leather accents, stainless steel with a hinged screw down top.


Brooks Brothers Cotton Rugby Stripe Scarf – $40.80 ($68)

Two of the four color combos

Cotton, not wool.  But the color and stripe combinations are certainly something else.  Perfect if you’re the type to keep your winter coat, gloves, etc… dark and downright drab, and need something to liven it up a little.


Football Leather Briefcase – $298.80 ($498)


A total splurge.  But one of those things that once you get it, it’ll be incredibly hard to ignore.  Genuine football leather.  Flap over top, 15″ wide, hardware is brass, and the interior is lined in a pinstripe material.  This is obviously getting near Saddleback territory, so it’s a kick to the wallet, but the curb factor is certainly there.


Canvas and leather Travel Bag – $208.80 ($348)

Ships free too.

Over 2700 cubic inches of space, just north of $200, and has that golden-age of travel thing going for it.  Too girly?  Are you made of money?  Get this for her and stash a pair of plane tickets to some romantic destination inside.  Money doesn’t make romance, but it sure can make it easier sometimes.


J.W. Hulme Leather Slim Portfolio Briefcase – $312.00 ($520)

The (splurge) investment.

Made in the USA.  Guaranteed for life.  Available in brown leather or the lighter “saddle” shade.  Fits laptops up to 15.5″ wide.  Like someone gave a Saddleback a clean shave.

The 40% off Accessories & Outerwear sale at Brooks Brothers ends today, 12/4.  Other category specific deals will continue this week during their 5 Days of Savings promotion.