Best Affordable Style of 2012 – The Suit

A bit of a splurge, but what you get is well worth it.

Suitsupply Napoli Fit – $399 – $469

The end of the year means it’s time to hand out some awards.  No, there’s no little statues to pass along, but over the next few days we’ll still highlight some of the best in affordable men’s style from this past year.  And it was a good one. Feel free to send in additional nominations here.

Indochino is still inconsistent.  Banana Republic usually excludes their suiting from promotions, plus their jackets are fused.  As are the jackets for Alfani RED, Hilfiger, and J. Crew Factory.  A suit from Suitsupply isn’t cheap, but when a solid navy or charcoal lands in their $399 section, this Dutch suit brand delivers by far the best fit, feel, and details for your investment.  You just have to have that $399 to drop on one suit.  But if you do, chances are you won’t regret it.

Dark grey – $399 $469 (was just $399) | Plaid – $469 (last season).  Both Napoli fit.

The “Napoli” line’s design is timeless.  A jacket that’s nowhere near chopped, sides that are contoured off the rack but not rib crushing, and notch lapels that are neither massive nor skinny.  The shoulder pads are wallflowers.  They don’t stand out, they’re unobtrusive, and you barely know they’re there.  Button stance is north of the lower J. Crew Ludlow stance that’s now trendy, but it’s certainly not high and doesn’t look out of place.  These suits fit true.  A 38R fit a 165-170 frame extremely well off the rack (pants could have been a little slimmer).  And with both short and long sizes, those functioning sleeve buttons shouldn’t be that much trouble.  Full review here.

Fabrics are incredible for the price point, and even at the lowest $399 price point they’re half canvassed.  That lack of fusing means they’re more durable, and  lay on your frame better / move with you with ease.

Yeah, they’ve got a weird streak, and their pricing can be frustrating.  One day a suit (like the charcoal above) is $399. The next?  It’s $469.  But if you can land a solid color or basic pattern in the Napoli line, you’ll net you a quality suit that has a great shot to become your favorite for years to come.  Not bad for $399… if you can spend the cash.

Also worth a mention:  B.R.’s tailored fit line, J. Crew Factory’s all wool Thompson suit separates.

The fit info & details for the Sevilla cut from Suitsupply