12 Days of Dappered #9 – A well dressed movie

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It’ll be here before you know it.  So if you’re in need of a few ideas on what to give (or in some cases, what to put on your own list) this year, this is the place to be for the next couple weeks.  Our annual 12 days of Dappered covers one item each week-day between now and December 11th.  That’ll leave some time for shipping if you’re the last minute type.  All will be reasonably affordable.  See the growing archive here.

There are a million “most stylish movies” lists out there.  And yes, plenty of the classics are available for free streaming on Netflix or Amazon.  But there’s something about having the physical DVD in the collection.  You pop it in, maybe jump to a favorite scene, and great dialogue is spoken by very well dressed people.  It’s mental candy with little risk of brain decay.  Add your suggestions in the comments if you would.

The Original Ocean’s 11 – $9.83

(Spoiler alert.  This video ^ is the end of the movie.  Not that it gives anything away.)  Rat pack.  Las Vegas before they built enormous hotels in the shape of castles and pyramids.  Frank Sinatra wearing a sweater made from a jaundiced Wookie pelt. And proof that adding a random musical number to any movie will work if the cast is dressed well enough. E. O. ELEVEN.


Inception – $7.29

The movie that sent Joseph Gordon Levitt rocketing away from any pesky Shia Labeouf comparisons for eternity.  Lots of suits. Lots of guns.  Lots of “whoa hey WTF is happening here?”  And as good as the wardrobe is, the visual from the movie that might be the most violently attractive is a locomotive plowing down a city street.  Christopher Nolan darkness, a belching orchestral soundtrack, and obligatory Zero Halliburton cases.  The type of movie that makes some of us wonder if it’s not time to upgrade to a Blu-ray.


To Catch a Thief – $11.93

Grace Kelly.  Damn.  Still won’t attempt an ascot.  Sorry.  (This is one of those that you can stream for free in a few places.  If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream it for free there.)


North by Northwest – $6.49

As good as To Catch a Thief is, it plays a distant second fiddle to North by Northwest.  Cary Grant & Alfred Hitchcock once again.  Proves the power of a grey suit and a great pair of sunglasses.  Also streams free on Amazon Prime.


The Bank Job – $6.99

Can someone call Jason Statham’s agent?  Get his client to make more movies like The Bank Job, and a few less movies like The Mechanic and Safe (not that those weren’t enjoyable and don’t have their time and place…).  Has a little bit of an upbeat Ocean’s feel to it, up to a point.  You’ll know it when you get there, then the thing turns on a dime.


C ‘était un Rendez-vous – $29.95

Who needs dialogue?  Or character development that’s more in depth than “LADY GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!”  Lots of mystery and legend surrounds this 1976 eight and a half minute burn-through-Paris flick.  Yep.  Under ten minutes, thirty bucks.  Still worth it and makes one hell of a gift (speaking from a recipients point of view).


Casablanca – $8.41

Better yet, if you have a small independent theater, or an older theater that likes to do special showings of classics every once in awhile, get the guy on your list a pair of tickets.  Seeing one of the greatest movies ever made on the big screen is something else.  Hard to believe anyone can wear a dinner jacket with the same ease one of us might wear a pair of pajama pants.


The Thomas Crown Affair – $6.99



Headhunters – $14.99

More art crime, but this time it’s in Norwegian.  Steve Buschemi’s nephew is married to Heidi Klum’s little sister (okay, not really) and he understandably has a bit of an inferiority complex.  Meets a guy he’s jealous of at his lady’s art gallery opening… and this chiseled fella has a what now hanging in his place?  Clocks in at an outrageously high 92% at Rotten Tomatoes.


From Russia with Love – $9.99

As sharp as 007 has ever been.  Exotic locations (read: not Kentucky.  All due respect Kentucky.), a few gadgets but nothing over the top, legitimate fight scenes, and a more than worthy Bond girl.


Ocean’s 11, 12, & 13 – $25.00

Had to end where we started.  Not Oscar worthy, but fun as hell.  Plus, your Mrs. won’t mind watching them with you since she gets to oggle the likes of Clooney/Pitt/Damon/etc.

Your turn guys.  What’s at the top of your all time best dressed movie list?  Leave it all below…