12 Days of Dappered #8 – Six Inexpensive Tech Gifts

Half a dozen suggestions for the tech guy on your list.

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#1. Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver – $19.99

Doubles as a hypnotism device.

Cord clutter can make even the coolest stereo setup look silly. Connect your phone or tablet to your stereo with this instead. Works from 33 feet away, so you phone or tablet effectively becomes your stereo remote. Works with Apples and Androids.


#2. Syma R/C Helicopter – $28.50

Your cat will love, and hate you.

This is one of the most fun gifts I’ve received recently. Buzz your office mates or attack your cat. Battle insects on their own terms. The controls take a little getting used to, but once you master them, it’s amazing.


#3. Logitech Harmony Remote Control – $33.49

No more slow programming.  Do it online.

Like the Belkin receiver, this gift is all about reducing clutter.  Less clutter = a better looking place.  Consider this guy for your remote consolidation needs. Instead of old-school universal remotes where you punch in codes and frustrations, you program this one online. The Harmony 300 controls 4 devices and is compatible with 225,000+ products. Also a good idea for parents suffering from controller confusion. Non-inexpensive models also available.


#4. Allen Edmonds Leather iPhone 5 Case – $36.00 ($45)
Want to convince somebody to ditch Android and go Apple? Try this case.

Want to convince somebody to ditch Android and go Apple? Try this case.

Allen Edmonds knocks it out of the park with this one. Made in America. Marketing copy written in China. “Fits the new versions 5 of iPhone.” Translation: Fits the new iPhone 5 only, which is technically the 6th version of the iPhone, Mr. Edmonds, but I’ll give you a pass because this thing is gorgeous.  Part of a 20% off select accessories sale.  (All brown too boring?  More color schemes like navy & red, tan & brown, or burgundy and navy can be found here.)


#5. BUILT Neoprene Laptop Sleeve – $33.84

Laptop protection

I use one of these whenever I travel. It adds a lot of protection without much bulk and makes any bag laptop-compatible (even vintage leather ones picked up at Goodwill). The Cargo model includes pockets for your peripherals.


#6. Wired Magazine Subscription – $4.99 $19.99 / year

The famous Pam cover.

You are never going to believe this. First, they cut down a bunch of trees in Canada and/or Washington. Then they pulverize the wood into a pulp. Next, they press if flat, dry it out, and cut it into rectangular sheets. Lastly, they print screenshots from the internet onto those sheets, bind a number of them together with glue, and mail the finished bundle to your house for your reading pleasure. Requires no batteries. Can be used during takeoff and landing or as kindling.  UPDATE:  Thanks for the style tips / comments about snagging Wired for  $4.99 per year over here.  

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