12 Days of Dappered #12 – A New Watch (Strap)

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It’ll be here before you know it.  So if you’re in need of a few ideas on what to give (or in some cases, what to put on your own list) this year, this is the place to be for the next couple weeks.  Our annual 12 days of Dappered covers one item each week-day between now and December 12th.  That’ll leave some time for shipping if you’re the last minute type.  All will be reasonably affordable.  See the growing archive here.

Changing out a watch strap for something new and different looking is still a ridiculous money saver.  Sometimes it’s like buying a whole new watch, and the effect can be similar to painting a room a different color then rearranging the furniture.  The effort-to-noticeable-results ratio is highly in your favor.  No brush required, but you’ll need a spring bar tool.  Might even want this kit.  Suggestions based on recipient type are as follows:

Could use a little color guy:  Wood & Faulk Navy w/ Ivory Slip-thru – $65.00

Color, but subtle.

Hand-stitched ivory thread on a, wait for it, Horween Cromexcel leather strap that’s got one hell of a deep navy hue to it.  Each piece from Wood & Faulk is made to order, so allow 10 – 14 days for delivery.  Available in 20mm only.  Full review of the brown over here.


Has lots of Stainless Bands Guy:  Crown & Buckle “Royale” Croc Calf – $34.00

“You know what they call a croc embossed Panerai style strap in France?”

Don’t limit that “what if I swapped this for this” vision to just those leather and nylon strap watches.  Swapping out a stainless link style bracelet for a leather one can breathe new life into an old and tired watch just as easily.  If he’s got some larger diver, try one of these still plenty sporty, but comes croc embossed straps from the well respected Crown & Buckle.  Tons of size and style options can be found over here.


The guy who likes grey: Worn & Wound Grey Nubuck NATO – $59.00

Watch: Japan. Strap: New York City.

Well that’s something.  A project by the well read watch-website Worn & Wound.  A true Nato (not just a slip-thru) with outstanding looking, rounded off harware.  Made in the USA and shown at the top of the page.  Showcased by them here on the hard not to love Seiko SNDA65 chronograph.


The Bucculaphobic Fella: FFF Button Stud Shell Cordovan – $70.00

Studs, no longer studding, with studs.

Obligatory.  If he happens to also be afflicted with Equinophobia, there’s the less expensive version in… wait for it… Horween Chromexcel as well as Veg Tan leathers.  If the form•function•form facebook page is any indication, they could use a few extra elves around this time of year due to demand.  But, they’ve survived the initial onslaught of holiday orders, and as of yesterday they were shipping out on a normal schedule.  Stock is getting awfully low though.


The “Don’t spend anything on me” Guy: Maratac Stitched Composite – $6.00

Available in 20, 22, and 24 mm.

These are the guys that ask for bungee cords, or maybe a broom to sweep up sawdust in their workshop with.  Thrilling stuff to give as gifts.  If he’s got a favorite watch, maybe drop one of these in his stocking.  No word on how comfortable (or otherwise) they may be.  Lots of colors and sizes to choose from.


The Leadfoot: Autodromo BP-001 Replacement Strap – $60.00

Speed Racer thinks you drive like a sloth.

Speedy.  There are more than a few options out there for perforated watch straps, but these are awfully eye catching.  Made for the Autodromo BP-001 series of watches, which are really expensive.  These are a little more affordable, and have that same racing look to them.  Perforations should keep Speedy McTicketgetter’s wrist a little less clammy while sweating around those mountain road hairpins.  20mm wide.  Comes with a changing tool.  Ships free.


The Summer Never Ends Guy: Timex Weekender striped straps – $6.99

Worth mentioning again this year.

Lots of colors, plenty of them bright, and a good selection of striped options too.  $6.99 via Target.com, but check in store.  They usually have stacks and stacks of these things.

Where else?  Is Michael’s still selling those leather NATO straps?  Leave it all in the comments below.