What would you pay? The Grey Allen Edmonds Long Branch

Not brown, not black, but very much on sale.
Allen Edmonds Long Branch Boot – $199.00 ($350)

Grey gets a lot of play around these parts.  It’s classic, cool, and doesn’t shout.  Even shoes in grey shades have gotten the thumbs up, but not all grey shoes look as good as others.

Grey suede chukkas = Absolutely.  As seen with jeans over here.
$335 Oxfords = That’s a lot of cash and formality and cost for such a non-traditional color.

All credit to Allen Edmonds for staying current and trying new things.  But a few of their grey shoes might not be complete home runs.  They’ve just put three of their grey models on sale, each for $199 a pair.  There’s the well known McTavish, a saddle shoe option, a new longwing, and these:

Also available in two shades of brown, but those aren’t on sale.

Moly.  Those’ll do.  They’re the Dalton with teeth.  Grey, Goodyear-welted beasts with a Vibram lug sole ready to get you through the next 6 months.  Thanks to the speed-hooks and red laces, a wingtip has never looked so at home in the mountains.  Yes they are available in two outstanding shades of brown, but those are going for the full retail $350.  And this grey pair?  Honestly?  Some may even prefer this shade change of pace.

What would you pay? Allen Edmonds Longbranch in Grey

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