The Rare Deal: Two On Sale Sport Watches

A Victorinox and an Orient dip oddly low.
Victorinox Alliance Chrono – $206.46 w/ ALOCT2 | Orient Aviator – $105.26 ($290)

And these would not be the classy & sleek Bambino from yesterday.  These are the thicker guys.  The ones that should be able to take a beating.  Those after work watches you wear and don’t freak out about (too badly) if they pick up a scratch or two.

The Victorinox is obviously a quartz, but it’s Swiss Made, the crystal is sapphire, and it certainly has that black and tan thing going for it.  It also seems to be one of the last of this model out there.  Sierra Trading Post has it at just under $300, but the very kind 30% off $200 code ALOCT2 brings it down to a price level similar to the Seiko Compass.  Also available with a black strap.

$105 for the Orient Aviator direct through Amazon is freakishly cheap.  This one is even the ideal leather band setup.  Dial is extremely luminous, and the watch is built like a tank.  Screw down crown, great feel to the bezel, etc.  Mineral, not sapphire crystal on this one.  Full review over here.  And yes, it’s an automatic.

…Or is everyone waiting for the Maratac Pilots to get back into stock?  Doesn’t look like they made it back online on Friday.  UPDATE:  They’re back.  Meanwhile, note that the Sierra Trading Post code ALOCT2 is also good for 25% off $125, while ALPUMPKIN2 is good for 20% off no minimum.  Both codes expire today, 11/7.