The Friday Handful – 11/2/12

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up these handfuls.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Ralph Lauren:  Fall Private Sale + Extra 15% off w/ FALLSALE12

Good details if you’ve got a simple topcoat.

The Picks: Lined Leather Moto Glove – $52.36 w/ FALLSALE12 ($88)

Private?  Hardly.  They did send out some classy/simple mailers that arrived in a few of our mailboxes a week or so ago.  But it’s all over the website as of right now.  Even the extra 15% off code FALLSALE12.  No matter, there’s still plenty to poke around and look at, and the new version of their leather moto gloves are now down to a reasonable fifty bucks.  If they fit anything like the model from last year, prepare for a tight fit.  Size up if you’re worried.


Macys: Extra 25% off $100+ Men’s Private Sale w/ MEN

II from Bar III

The Picks: Bar III Navy Dinner Jacket – $112.49 ($350) Navy Tonal Plaid Suit – $187.49 ($595)

Remember, the purchase has to be more than $100 for the 25% off code MEN to apply.  So anyone want to channel their inner red-carpet Daniel Craig with theBar III shawl collar evening jacket?  Doesn’t appear to be any matching pants out there.  And beware the lapels on both of these jackets.  Each has awfully thin lapels.  But $190 is pretty darn good for a Bar III suit.  They’re fused, but it’s the Macy’s house brand that fits the trimmest and has less shoulder padding than Alfani RED or Hilfiger.  NOTE:  Looks like the Navy Dinner Jacket might not get the extra 25% off?  Try the code ELECT for 15% off on that one to drop it to $127 if “MEN” won’t work (*cough* WHO CAN IT BEEEE NOW  Maratac Pilot back in stock?

The large might be back, the mid is still unavailable.

The Pick:  Maratac Large Pilot Watch – $195

Heads up:  The note on said: “Out of Stock  (Check Back Nov. 2nd Noon)”.  One of the pics says NOON PST, 3pm ET.  Last time these were available they went fast, and there still seemed to be some interest.  The mid-sized is still out of stock/production, and the note over there says to check back in late November.


Jack Spade:  $50 off $250 w/ FALL50

Clean & simple.

The Picks: Mill Leather Davis Brief – $205.00 ($425)

$250 is no small chunk of change.  But this one is right over the tipping point, so worth consideration if you’re in the market for a modern looking leather brief.  Light grey, which some will think is too feminine, but others won’t mind in the least.  Alreadyon sale and with the discount might become “final” sale.  Code FALL50 expires Sunday.


Banana Republic: 30% off purchses of $150+ w/ BRXTRAHOUR

Too bad suiting is excluded…

The Pick: Classic Belted Trench – $139.99 – $157.50 ($225)

Proof that US based retailers will use ANY excuse to throw a sale.  This one is all about Daylight Saving Time coming to an end (Sunday early morning at 2am… the bars in some states are excited).  All men’s suits are excluded plus the regular other exclusions.  So that stinks.  But 30% off is solid, and if you’re looking to get a trench, their classic belted trench drops to $157.50 and ships free.  The black option is already on sale, and that goes down to $139.99 post code.  Code expires 11/4.