Style Poll: Favorite Sweater Fabric?

Sheep, goats, worms and plastic all want your vote.

Plants.  Animals.  Worms.  Dinosaur Juice.  A sweater can be produced from many things.  But not all materials are equal.  Before we get to the poll, here’s where some of the common materials used to make sweaters usually fall on the fabric thickness / seasonal appropriateness matrix.  And of course, there can be exceptions depending on how the sweater has been knit:

Some Brief Analysis
  • The Silk Cotton Cashmere blend that Banana Republic produces might be one of the best all around materials out there. But some claim it can get too warm.  Not everyone seems to agree though.
  • It’s really, really hard not to like Merino Wool.  Pretty tough to screw it up.
  • Lambswool is excellent when it’s cold.  Murder if it’s an unseasonably warm, Fall day.
  • Most pima cotton sweaters have that smooth trimness to them that’s reminiscent of a cotton/poly blend t-shirt.  Only, y’know, without the poly.
  • Cashmere might not be on the graph (rink?) but it has to be considered.  As does its enormous expense. Cost should be taken into consideration when voting below.
  • Cotton/Cashmere (say, 5 – 10% cashmere) just might be the Bud Light Platinum of sweaters.
  • Out of seemingly nowhere, some wool/nylon blend sweaters have delivered.  They’ve got some (but not too much) bulk, as well as a little texture without the scratch of most all-lambswool sweaters.

Considering all the factors, what's your favorite sweater fabric?

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