Classics: More important – Good fit, or being fit?

Does great tailoring matter that much if you can't do a pull-up?

Originally Published: 3/27/12

The Case For Well Fitting Clothes:  Hooray for staying in shape and all, but put a triathlete in the all-too-common, one size too big, cheap suit you see most American Men wearing these days, and even the triathlete will look like a schlub.  Further proof that fit is more important: a well cut suit can make a guy who’s really out of shape look much, much betterThe fit of your clothes is more than window dressing.  It’s the cornerstone of how you visually present yourself to others.  Without a great fit, it doesn’t matter if you’re in shape or not.

The Case For Being In ShapeWhen it comes to looking your best, being in shape is the trump card.  You know how a well tailored yet inexpensive suit can look 10x-more-expensive than it actually is?  Put a human body that’s been taken care of in that suit and it’s a whole other ball game.  Or in this case, poker game:

  • The doughy fellow in the immaculate bespoke suit is a Full House.  Impressive.
  • But the ripped guy in a fits-pretty-well affordable suit is a Straight Flush.

The best dressed guy in the room is very rarely going to be the guy who’s carrying 40 extra pounds.  And it’s more than just suits.  Being in shape allows someone to wear just about anything.  They can take more risks, or, dress way down yet still look good.  You can fork over enough cash to get all of your dress shirts tailored, but it takes something other than money to make what’s underneath those shirts look, and more importantly feel, better than most.

Your turn guys.  Both sure seem to be important.  But which one tops the other?  Leave you take in the comments.
Top Photo Credits: ell brown & _gee_