Small Business Saturday: Who are you supporting?

On the day after Black Friday, it's a big deal to be small.

From Left: Wheelman & Co. Crewneck – $58, Frost River Flight Bag – $125 – $170, ratio Dennison Plaid – $98

Small Business Saturday was originally launched in 2010 by a tiny financial outfit called… American Express.

No really.  And hats off to Amex for coming up with that idea.  There’s a few layers of genius there.

S.B.S. has really taken off in the last few years.  It’s even become a battle cry for those who think it’s more than a little tacky to stand in line outside of Target while the turkey is still warm.  And once again, this magical invention of the internet (thanks Al!  Okay, not really) has expanded the reach of those who otherwise would be limited by their geography.  Live in Peoria but want something cool from Poughkeepsie?  The web can probably make it happen.

Sure that sucks a little bit of the rah-rah local-ness out of today, but it’s still something.  Now, suggestions:

Your turn guys.  Are you on board with Small Business Saturday?  Who are you supporting, where are they located, and what do they do?  Got a favorite item from them that’s worth mentioning? Leave it all in the comments.