Quick Picks: J.Crew 25% off orders of $150 and up

Not just sale items either.  Finding combos that work.

JCrew.com:  25% off $150+ and free shipping w/ OURTREAT

Code expires Thursday 11/8 and won’t work on J. Crew Factory items.  There’s also another couple of exclusions…

Offer not applicable on In Good Company third-party branded partnerships or men’s suiting.”  Oh come the hell on J. Crew.  Sort of expected, sure, but still disappointing.  Yet it’s pretty rare to see a code that works on full priced items instead of the usual 30% off sale & only sale stuff.

OURTREAT doesn’t kick in until you tip over $150, but once you do that, 25% comes off and free shipping gets applied.  So at minimum, you’re spending $112.50 here ($150 x .75 = $112.50)  So small impulse buys these ain’t.  Let’s explore what’s available for the discount and make a few potential $150+ combinations when neccessary…

Lambswool Sweatshirt + Slim Merino w/ Elbow Patches – $119.25 ($159)

Wear them when you would your hoodie.

A splurge for sure, but these are going to be right up the alley of the guys who are dressed down quite a bit, but don’t like to completely give up.  The lambswool sweatshirt is a terrific idea, and thanks to how it’s woven it has a waffle texture to it.  The merino has those suede elbow patches and comes in their slimmer fit.  If you prefer V-necks, they have one of those for the same price as the crew.


Mayfair Topcoat – $298.50 ($398) | Bayswater Peacoat – $191.25 ($255)

The 25% off saves a full $100 on the topcoat.

This is your earliest chance to get one of J. Crew’s pieces of in-house outerwear at a discount before the snow flies.  Their coats seem to get hefty markdowns come February and March, but by then…  The Bayswater is certainly a solid coat with a good fit, but check your local Army/Navy surplus store first.  Was part of the annual outerwear rundown.  Meanwhile, the topcoat won’t be as easy to replicate at a lesser price.  You could go with Uniqlo’s nicely fitted Chesterfield topcoat, but that one doesn’t come in camel and it’s awfully thin.  J. Crew’s Mayfair does come with a thinsulate option for more cash if you live in a bitter cold climate.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Stripe Japanese Cotton Twill – $141.00 ($188)

Thick chalk stripes these aren’t.

Suiting might be out, but sportcoats are fair game for the code.  More dressed up than the ultra-cheap Merona Kensington, but still will be absolutely at home with jeans and cords.  Expensive even with the discount, but there’s a hole in the cotton sportcoat market right now.  There’s just not a lot of dark blue cotton blazers available, and this could very well become a favorite for years to come.


TALL Ludlow Cord Sportcoat – $126.00 ($168 / $218)

Us average and short guys will sit this one out.

Lucky you if you’re tall.  Not only are you, y’know, tall, but the tall version of J. Crew’s incredibly versatile grey ludlow cord sportcoat is already on sale.  Lop another 25% off and it’s down to $126 and ships free.  Won’t ship until early December though.


MacAlister Boots in Oiled Leather – $118.50 ($158)

Has a lot going for it at $120.

Made in Italy with a stitched welt that’s resoleable.   Classic design and if the leather looks half as good in person as it does online, then these could be a major steal for the price.  Does have that “won’t ship” until early December note.  Also available in a rich-brown leather with a red sole for $126 with the code.


Cashmere Plaid Scarf + Leather Shoe Horn + Card Case = $125.63 ($167.50)

The scarf and two evil assistants.

All small splurges that when bundled get you over the $150 hump.  The scarf comes in four different color options, and the cashmere blend is soft enough that you’ll have a hard time keeping your significant other’s mitts off it.  The card case is one of the better looking options in this price range, and the shoe horn, while silly expensive for a friggin’ shoe horn, is something that you might actually want to keep out of your closet since it looks that good.

The extra 25% off $150+ and free shipping code OURTREAT expires on Thursday 11/8/12.