Most Wanted Affordable Style – November 2012

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Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.  Click here for the top 5 most wanted lists from previous months.  Top Photo Credit: andrew_j_w .

5. Anstead Watches “Oceanis” – $250 – $275 (Sold Out)

Fingers crossed for those who have backed this project.

Kickstarter isn’t a store.  Right.  Got it.  Learned that with Antigua (btw, using it as the daily briefcase.  Still haven’t swapped buckles yet, but I like it overall for sure), but this watch is something else.  The project was launched by a former member of the Navy, and the prototype is impressive.  Powered by a Seiko automatic movement, it hacks, it’s water resistant to 300m, and the incredible looking dial is covered by a sapphire crystal.  The prototype crown (shown) juts out 6mm, but will be 4.5mm on the production model.  There have been a few other minor tweaks to the design along the way as well, but the guy behind this project says they’re more or less on schedule.


4. IMAX Skyfall Tickets – $15.00ish

Word is… it’s pretty damn good.  Opens one day early this Thursday the 8th at select IMAX locations.  Full U.S. release is the following day, this Friday the 9th.  Good luck if you’re going to join the crowds on opening weekend.


3.  R.L. Deerfield Leather Card Case – $56.53 w/ FALLSALE12 ($95)

Also available in black.

There are plenty with a zero-tolerance for logos, but this embossed Madison Ave. Ralph Lauren logo might be one of the few that gets a pass.  It looks like something out of an Antique store.  It’s also something that normally stays in your pocket, so you’re not wearing it all over town.  Slim, made in Italy, and now an extra 15% off with the FALLSALE12 code.


2. Hand Forged Copper Edison Lamp – $69.00

The anti-fluorescent.

Speaking of Antique-like… A total splurge for sure, but with daylight saving time coming to an end it’s getting dark a lot earlier.  That means more early evenings with a book (and glass of something) in hand.  Kick the addiction to overhead lights.  Put an Edison bulb in something like this and you might find yourself reading a lot more.  Hand forged copper base complete with a retro-style twist cord.  Sold w/out the bulb, but you can easily get them through Amazon (and yes, they have bulbs that look less like candles and/or, 19th century marital aides).


1.  Allen Edmonds Strand in Bourbon – $335.00

Will gladly drink to this.

More than a few of you love your light brown “walnut” strands.  It appears that the designers at Allen Edmonds have found the perfect midpoint between Walnut and their standard dark brown.  Recently released.  Here’s to hoping that these somehow trickle down into a sale every now and then.