Hey look, new Dappered features

In case you missed em'.
New Thing #1.  Dappered Threads has a new look and feel

New look & features. Same great community.

The fact that we have a forum might even come as news to some of you.  All credit to Paul and the moderators over at our proud to be snob-free forum, Dappered Threads, for the massive upgrade.  Special gratitude to bruschetta and tdig who by all accounts were extra helpful.  It’s now simpler to add images, you can private message someone if need be, and it’s just flat out easier to read.  More details on the updates can be found over here.


New Thing #2.  We’re on Pinterest

The Pinterest Elf does pin from time to time.

Somewhere along the line Dappered.com picked up a Pinterest Elf.  And while this elf has other responsibilities, Pinterest Elf has been enjoying getting Dappered up and pinning.  Pin away if you’re the pinning type.


New Thing #3.  “Featured Posts” = Classics & More

Right there.  That box under the (one of only a few) ads will rotate them through.  Many thanks to reader Cam who sent in a request/idea to give these old but still apparently relevant articles some presence.  You can find more here.


Old Stuff Worth a Mention

There’s Twitter, Facebook, and the daily email signup.  Meanwhile, if you ever have a tip on something style related, you can send that in right here.  That email is also a great place to send in a question or comment.  We do our best to get back to everyone, but sometimes emails do slip through the cracks.  If you have a question that you’d like a female perspective on, of course we’ve got Beth.  She welcomes your inquires.  Speaking of the ladies, Dappered’s internet better half is fullclutch.com.

Thanks for the continued support, ideas, and for sharing the site with others.  Flattered as hell when someone mentions they found the site because a friend recommended our tiny corner of the web.  Top Photo: Alan Levine