Election Day Style Poll: Conservative vs. Trendy

Guessing CNN won't be covering this vote.  Maybe.

Just for five seconds today, let’s take a break from politics.

Say your style was a candidate for the Menswear House of Representatives or something.  Would it be running on a  conservative platform since it doesn’t change it’s tried and true sharp look?  Or would it be a candidate known for liberally changing it up and staying current with what’s new and up and coming?

Remember, conservative doesn’t necessarily mean dusty and old.  A sharp suit, crisp shirt, and simple tie is pretty conservative, yet still the choice for plenty of men on best-dressed lists.   Meanwhile, trendy doesn’t have to mean all loud colors and hyper-modern stuff (one could easily argue that tweed & bow ties are awfully trendy right now).

Are you a style conservative, or are you liberal with the use of trends?

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And also… you getting a little more dressed up to vote today?  Or exercising your right to vote in your pajamas?  Leave it all, except for the politics (you guys are great about keeping it focused here… thanks for that), in the comments.
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