12 Days of Dappered #5 – Get his car detailed.

If he loves his car, he'll love it more.  If he tolerates it, he'll like it.

It’ll be here before you know it.  So if you’re in need of a few ideas on what to give (or in some cases, what to put on your own list) this year, this is the place to be for the next couple weeks.  Our annual 12 days of Dappered covers one item each week-day between now and December 11th.  That’ll leave some time for shipping if you’re the last minute type.  All will be reasonably affordable.  See the growing archive here.

Because sometimes, even if a guy really, really likes his car, he can beat the hell out of it.  And it’s a great feeling to open the door and slide into an almost good-as-brand-new version of that vehicle.

Meanwhile, this is how the Bond movie previous to Skyfall starts… and also where it peaks.  But to Quantum of Solace’s credit, there just wasn’t a scene this rigid and pounding in all of Skyfall.  No?

Lil help pleaseWhere was this car raised?  A barn?