12 Days of Dappered #4 – Throwback style Sporting Goods

Goods that harken to the days before t-shirt guns.

It’ll be here before you know it.  So if you’re in need of a few ideas on what to give (or in some cases, what to put on your own list) this year, this is the place to be for the next couple weeks.  Our annual 12 days of Dappered covers one item each week-day between now and December 11th.  That’ll leave some time for shipping if you’re the last minute type.  All will be reasonably affordable.  See the growing archive here.

Sure nostalgia is a evil temptress, but at some point us American sports fans became tolerant of logos that look like the bastard son of a No Fear t-shirt and the clip-art gallery from an Apple II (yeah!  Print Shop!).  That means you Tennessee Titans.  Throwback jerseys, caps, and logos sell well for a reason:  They just look better.  These gifts follow that same vein, of appealing to a guy’s love of sports, without sacrificing his allegiance to aesthetics.

Mitchell & Ness Wool Pennants – $19.99 – $24.99

Go bat wielding lederhosen clad keg riders!

Of all the sports, Baseball is steeped with the most history.  MLB will be more than happy to sell you a visual reminder of its golden years, and one of the most affordable is their all wool pennants.


Everlast Weighted Leather Jump Rope – $17.49

For those who also appreciate fitness.

For the occasional, post run, I’d-like-to-sweat-a-bit-more cool-down.  Does come with a one-year warranty.  If you use any sort of boxing equipment to workout with, having a jump rope on hand is a perfect match.


Huntington Baseball Bat – $111.96 w/ $30 off  $135 deal

Welcome to the 19th century.

A splurge for sure.  Hell of a good looking home defense weapon, something to hang on the wall, or “gasp” maybe even use to hit some flys worth, uh, shagging.  Made in the USA from northern ash and hand painted.


Lemon Ball – $38.00 (ships free via Huckberry)

Not what you want to have the dog play fetch with.

Part of the Huckberry / Art of Manliness holiday shop collaboration.  You can find these Horween leather baseballs in a few locations on the web, but Huckberry chips in free shipping.  The trade off, and it’s clear that some of you don’t like to do this, is that you have to hand over your email address.  But many are already Huckberry members.  Careful, use this with the Huntington Baseball bat and you might spontaneously sprout a handlebar mustache


Orvis Bison Leather Football – $83.00 w/ 117200 ($98)

NOBODY circles the wagons like…

An alternative to the seen everywhere Handsome Dan.  And this one comes in Bison leather.  Should be thrown around in every parking lot aisle during Bills tailgates.  Made in the USA.  Code 117200 is good for $15 off orders of $50 or more.  Shipping is $9.95 though.


Ebbets Field Flannels Ballcaps – $40.00 | Cooperstown Collection Ballcaps – $26.99


Pictured is the oft-mentioned New York Knights ballcap from The Natural.  Was just on sale via J. Crew but has since sold out.  Still available through Ebbets Field Flannels.  Made in the USA, and unlike the cheaper, adjustable Cooperstown Collection, the Ebbets hats are all wool and sit a little lower in the crown.  Not quite slouchy, but not as stiff as most regular ballcaps.  A warning on the Knights cap:  It may be a little more true-blue in person (see top).  UPDATE:  Don’t forget the American Needle 900 series.  Honest to goodness hat-tip to Electrogent and John_L in the comments for the perfect suggestion.  Lots to pick from over there, including the unofficial ball cap of degenerate gamblers everywhere.


Everlast 1910 Heavy Bag Kit – $99.99

Great-Granddad’s setup.

Does it do anything different than a standard heavy bag?  Nah.  But it sure does look better.  Be sure to take a good, long hard look at some basic boxing techniques/training advice and don’t overdo it.  It’s all too easy to separate a shoulder, or mess up your wrist going full bore on a heavy bag without getting some experience first.  (Note:  Looks like it might be available for $80, with free shipping over here?  Never ordered from there before.  So be careful.)


Wheelmen & Co. French Terry Crew – $58.00

New favorite potential for sure.

Here’s one of the best feelings in the world:  Going for a hard, Saturday mid-morning run, taking a hot shower, then collapsing on the couch with breakfast and a cup of coffee with a game on or a favorite DVD in.  This would be what you put on AFTER the shower.  Has a lil’ mac jogging feel to it, made in the USA, and the plain/lower left patch front with simple graphic back is an authentic style.  Grey, navy, and faced black available at the bottom of the Wheelmen & Co. store.