Would you wear it? The $45 Corduroy Waistcoat

Gettin' all vest-curious for cheap.

Tasso Elba Corduroy Vest – $44.99 ($59)

And since this is a Macy’s product, it can usually be had for less if you wait for an extra 15% or 20% off code.  Check in store if you have a Macy’s close to you.  Found this one on a half-off rack for $30.

Even though wearing a waistcoat provides many of the same advantages as wearing a sportcoat (wrangles in your shirt & cleans up your lines, provides an extra layer, etc…) many guys refuse to wear them.  Most don’t fit well, cost an arm and a leg despite not having sleeves, and there’s a costumey look about many of them (think newsy/ringer-bearer).  But this one from the Macy’s house brand Tasso Elba seems to avoid all those points of contention.

Like a blazer, a vest can keep untailored shirts, like this one from Target, from spilling over your sides.

It’s made from a relatively fine wale corduroy and it fits surprisingly well for Tasso Elba.  Usually stuff from that brand is pretty traditional in fit.  No, it doesn’t dart in at the sides or anything, but a medium on an average guy’s frame won’t leave him looking like barrel man either.  Tighten up the corduroy strap in the back and you can get a more fitted look.

5-button front, two button-flap pockets, and some slim lapels up top are all nice details.  The back panel is the usual poly, but it’s not iridescent and blends in decently well.

If there was ever a gateway-waistcoat, this is it.  Would you?  Or can you just not bring yourself to wear a vest?  Leave it in the comments.  Arm-garters and handlebar mustaches are not required if you happen to be pro-waistcoat.