The Suggestion: Blue suit, grey shirt.

Flipping the grey suit + blue shirt combo around.
Suit:  Indochino Essential Navy | Shirt: Target Merona Ultimate Dress Shirt in “Railroad”

Most of us default to a couple of different suit and shirt options.  One of which is pairing a light blue shirt with a favorite grey suit.  It’s just easy, and it looks professional, sharp, etc.

Flip that grey/blue combination around and you end up with something slightly less dressed-up and professional, but just as sharp.  Obvious right?  But not many of us have tried it.  Give it a shot.  A medium grey shirt under a deep navy suit looks like you’re headed somewhere worth dressing up for, but that destination is anything but stiff.  This combo also gives you one more way to wear a favorite investment piece in your wardrobe, your navy suit, when maybe otherwise you wouldn’t.

Seems obvious enough, but most stick with their white or blue shirts.

Black shoes are just fine (even though some swear you can’t wear black & navy together) and burgundy will also work.  This’d be a time to leave those walnut Strands in your closet.

For the shirt, it’s hard to go wrong with the Target Merona in “Railroad” (first featured here).  It could certainly fit slimmer, but it’s workable.  And it has a bit of chambray/worsted like texture to the color.  Helps make it stand out against a solid navy.

As far ties?  Maybe not the best idea.  You could certainly try a darker charcoal to give it a monochromatic look.  But this seems like one of those outfits that wurkin stiffs and going tie-less was made for.  Wear a pair of interesting shoes, a favorite watch, and a slim dress belt, and you’ll have enough accessorizing going on to skip the tie.

Two thumbs up for trying something new.