The Best of Pink in Men’s Style

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Full credit to reader Jacob for sending in a request for this post.  His Mom is currently battling breast cancer.  For more information, here’s a solid list of organizations who are collaborating on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink is an odd one.  Some guys full on embrace it.  Others were traumatized by that color as a child because when their older sister outgrew her first bike, the parents figured Joseph could just take that as a hand me down even though it was bright pink, had a lame banana seat, and even had stupid streamers sticking out of the handlebars.

Didn’t take long to rip those streamers off.  Not that it made the bike itself any less… pink.

But it’s no big thing to wear pink as an adult, and with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, now’s the best time to work those pink items into your daily getup.  Even the NFL is once again in on the act.  Pastels in general aren’t always the easiest color to wear, so it’s worth taking a look at a dozen or so items that get it right.

Orient Bambino in Rose Gold – $196 w/ SUMMER2012 ($280)

Rose Gold = hard not to like, even if you’re not a gold guy.

Certainly not Barbie’s Dream House pink, but instead a gold with a deeper reddish-hue that’s replaced a lot of the yellow.  Rose Gold gets its color from the copper in the alloy.  The more copper, the more red or pink the gold gets.  This is one of Orient’s newest models, and it’s a dress-watch stunner.  Simple, automatic, domed crystal, and 40.5 mm w/out the crown.


Pink & Navy Ties from TheTieBar: Wool Dots, Slim Wool Dots, Silk Knit, – Each $15

Loosen up a dressed up look with pink.

Pink and Blue might be separated in the hospital nursery, but when it come’s to men’s style they’re a perfect pair (and more evidence to come).  70% wool & 30% silk is the makeup for the first two ties, with 3.5″ being the standard width and your choice of 2.5″ or a perfect 3″ available if you click through to the “slim” option.  The silk knit also comes in a couple of different sizes at 2″ or 2.75″ width.


Neiman Marcus Non Iron Trim Fit Pink Stripe Shirt – $39.20 ($88)

Lightened up without getting goofy.

Pink is one of the easiest ways to slightly brighten up a fall or winter suit.  Charcoal suit, solid blue (or maybe even pale grey if you want to mess around a bit) tie with some texture, and this.  Will look plenty colorful with a navy suit and light grey tie.  Fatter bengal-like stripes have some force behind em’, but it’s not like you’re wearing a solid screaming-pink neon shirt.  Collar looks substantial, so it should do just fine with a sport coat and jeans.  Extra 30% off sale ends today, 10/8.


Indochino’s Pink Jacket Lining – $$$ depends on what you’re buying.

Rarely seen but noticeable.

As loud as some of Indochino’s marketing can get, they deserve praise for keeping their pink lining real subtle and muted.  It seemed like a bold choice when Ben first said he went with a pink lining for his essential navy, but the pics of the lining once it showed up make it look awfully good.  Not for everyone of course, but far from over the top.


Socks: Club Monaco – $15.50 | L. Uomo- $12.50 | ugly vix – $25.00

Accompanying colors: Green, Brown, and Blue

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Merona at Target is cranking out any pink rugby-striped socks right now.  Stick with either big bold stripes,  or dots that don’t get any bigger than a dime.


Get Squared “Tickled Pink” pocket square – $6.50

Ships free too.

If using it in small doses is key, then a pocket square is the perfect way to administer a shot of pink into your wardrobe.  “Get Squared” pockets squares are simple, inexpensive, and made in the USA.  “Tickled Pink” is a new arrival and is already just about sold out.  Ships free as well.


J. Crew Factory Small Pink Tattersall Dress Shirt – $34.50


A quick note about pink dress shirts.  Steer clear of saturated solids.  It’s just way too much pink all at once.  Shades of Night at the Roxbury.  Your shirt should not have been garment dyed in Klingon blood.  But something with a very small pattern in red or pink will look like it’s starting to get towards solid light-pink from a distance.  But it still won’t look over-saturated.


Pink Silk Knot Cufflinks – $4.99

Wrist support

Buy a bunch of colors in bulk or scan around ebay and you can find silk knots for much, much less… but if all you want is a pair of pink, at least these ship for free.  Don’t worry too much about trying to coordinate with the rest of your outfit.  Even if you’re wearing a navy suite, white shirt, and grey tie… wear the pink cufflinks.  They’ll stand out, and when someone asks, tell em’ why it’s the month to wear pink.  You could always turn these into the knot lapel flower that Sabir at MensStylePro favors.


Brooks Brothers Cotton Ruby Stripe Scarf – $29.00 ($58)

The temporary wardrobe addition.

Don’t want to fully commit to pink?  Wear something that you’ll take off once you step indoors.  Just 6″ wide but 70″ long, this bold, blocky stripe scarf from Brooks Brothers seems like it’s made for doing the blazer/gloves but no coat thing.  Investment is pretty low too at just thirty bucks (before shipping kicks in of course.)


Suspenders/Braces: Trafalgar “Aldridge” Stripes or “Concord” Dots – $85.00

Stripes and dots.

This of course means you have to be a suspender man.  Far from cheap.  Made in the USA.


Pink Shoelaces – $5.49

Great if your workplace is supporting a colleague.

Guys have been switching out their normal laces for brighter alternatives for the last few years.  Finding some waxed pink dress-laces on the web is pretty difficult.  These are round dress laces, but not waxed.  But they’re pink dress laces, so try not to think too hard about it.


A Study in Pink” – Sherlock Season 1, Episode 1.

All right so it’s not necessarily  “style”, but it’s absolutely worth a mention.  This was how the BBC rebooted Sherlock Holmes.  Now two seasons in, and it’s incredible.  Highly recommend these 90 minute short-movie-like episodes to anyone who likes smart dialogue, good chemistry, and mystery.  Free to stream if you’ve got Amazon Prime.

What else?  Got something pink in your arsenal that’s worth recommending?  Leave it all in the comments…