Ten Style Treats Under $10

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When did everything get so damn expensive?  It used to be that you could pay full retail for something and not have to promise your first born in exchange.  Although it’s getting a little parched, the well of cheap hasn’t run completely dry quite yet.  Ten picks, each under ten dollars (shipping not included) follow below.  Above Photo Credit


1. TheTieBar Pocket Square in Red or Mango – $8.00

Part of the Possum Lodge dress uni.

Mango?  Perfect for this time of year and a big/bold enough plaid that’ll do just fine against smaller patterns and textures like tweed and herringbone.  Links go to Park&Bond, which is great if you’re sitting on some GILT credits, but shipping is $7.95 there.  $5.99 through TheTieBar but it doesn’t look like these colors are in stock there right now?


2. Field Notes County Fair 3-pack Alaska or Hawaii edition – $6.80 w/ 20MORE ($10)

49 & 50.

Part of Maxton Men’s extra 20% off sale (use that 20MORE code) that runs through today.  Three pack of field notes with each notebook in a different color.  Just like the originals only with some nifty facts about each state on the back.  Ships free.


3.  It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – $9.99

This is no schmaltzy, feel-good holiday special.  The damn thing ends with Linus pounding his fist and reading Chuck, the non-believer, the riot act.  Classic hay-makers include “I got a rock”, an un-notarized signed document, and the complete lack of parenting that leaves a small child hypothermic in a deserted field well past bar time.  This sh*t is real.  Yo.  (Also running tonight at 8/7c on ABC, very much for free.)


4.  Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

Post carving.

Knowing your way around a kitchen is like knowing your way around a wardrobe.  Having the ability to put a few basic combinations together can produce results far greater than the effort put in.  These prove it on the culinary side.  More on how to execute these today over at Dappered’s Better-Half website, Full Clutch.  More seasoning options here at Art of Manliness.


5. Nordstrom Striped Light Cushioned Socks – $9.50 ($3 for $22)


Thick stripes without the screaming bold colors.  The last surprise is a couple clicks up from the ankle when, wait for it… ah… they switch colors.  Well played Norstrom.


6.  Merona Dopp Kit – $9.99

Closes and everything.

Major bang for not many bucks as far as upgrading a dopp kit goes.  Check in store.  These things seem to go on sale from time to time.


7. “Criminals” By The Blue Stones – $0.00 – ??

Minimum is free, but hey, support em’ if you’d like to.

The first single of the soon to be released “How’s That Sound?”.  They’re Dappered readers, an extremely well dressed rock & roll duo, and Canadian (pounds chest, points north).  To those in the Windsor Canada area… they’re releasing the new album on Saturday at The FM Lounge.  More info here.


8. Wool Scarf or Watch Cap from an Army/Navy Surplus Store – $5 – $10

Some itch, but you can stand it.

November = time for cold snaps.  Seems like every year there’s a good % of us that can’t find their favorite hat or scarf from the previous winter.  These things are built to last, look incredible for the price, and are often made in the USA.


9. Wheelmen & Co Leather Coaster – $39.99 for four

Ten bucks a piece then…

A complete, 100% splurge.  But c’mon… when’s the last time you had to buy coasters?  Buy these and you’re set for a good long time.  And your guests (not to mention you) will love using them.  Could make for a great gift for the guy who just got his own office or a new workshop.  A six pack of beer to go along with them isn’t a bad idea either.


10.  “Free Fall” from The Man Who Rode Thunder – Free

“I caught a horrified glimpse of my stomach, swollen as though I were in well advanced pregnancy.”

The story of a former pilot who 50 years ago ejected from his plane at 50,000 feet going 500 mph.  With little more than a helmet protecting him, he fell from the stratosphere right into one of the worst storms to ever hit the east coast.  The current familiar themes of Felix Baumgartner & the destruction of Hurricane Sandy collide in this free segment available for anyone to read.  His watch, and ability to do math under extreme eye-bleeding conditions both contributed to his rough path to survival.  Made possible by The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” project.  Hat tip to Around the Horn host & PTI fact checker Tony Reali for posting this to twitter.

Your turn.  What’s your favorite recent ultra cheap purchase?  Keep it around $10, and leave them all below…