Quick Picks: Uniqlo’s Online Store is Open

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UNIQLO adds E-commerce to their US Website

Free shipping kicks in at $100.  Sorry Canadians… doesn’t look like they’re shipping your way yet.

The Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is fully e-commerce operational for the United States.  It took a bit for their website to settle down early yesterday morning, but once it burped up some glitch gas, it was off to the races.  And that’s good news for both men & women looking for affordable basics.

Uniqlo can be a one stop shop (proof over here in a one-store-one-outfit post).  And some of their prices are suspiciously low.  There’s already a discussion going on over on Dappered Threads, so head there for additional info.  Any and all direct experience with Uniqlo is welcome in the comments.  Got plenty of items on the way for a blanket in-person post, so stay tuned for that.  As far as sizing goes, it seems that most stick with their normal sizes instead of going up or down.  But they do offer some items in both slim and regular fits.  So keep an eye out for those.  Here’s some of what could be the best of the best on their site right now.

Straight Fit Color Jeans – $9.90

Green, wine, and brown. 3 of 9 colors.

Part of their Online Store Opening Specials.  Under ten bucks, a whole host of colors to pick from, and some of them are actually subdued like these three shown here.  Got a pair on the way for an in-person.


Contoured Fit or Relaxed Silhouette Corduroy Blazers – $69.90

Left: 98% cotton / 2% spandex. Right: 100% cotton.

The Contoured fit comes in two colors, black and dark brown, and is part of the “Opening Sale.”  The Opening Sale is not the same as the “Online Store Opening Specials”.  Confused yet?  There seems to be some crossover when it comes to promotions and products.  Anyway, the “Relaxed” silhouette blazers come in more colors, but should be boxier.  Both are a 3-button front with what appears to be a pre-pressed roll.  Got the dark brown contoured fit on the way for an in-person.  We’ll see how chopped it is.


Tweed Blazer in Check or Herringbone – $99.90

If they could just move those buttons down an inch…

Each of these is 70% wool and 30% nylon.  Each also seems to have a button stance that leans on the high side.  The check also comes in a lighter blue, and the herringbone comes in a dark grey.


Cashmere V-Neck or Cashmere V-Neck in potentially slimmer fit? – $79.90 ($99.90)

These may not be the same fit.

Cheap cashmere is no sure bet.  Also a part of their Online Store Opening Specials.  A little confusing since the sweater on the left and the sweater on the right don’t appear to be the same item.  The one on the right (and its other color options) include the words “slimmer fit” in the description.


Extra Fine Merino Sweaters – $29.90

But how slim are they?

Meanwhile, for those who don’t feel the need to pay the premium for Cashmere, their Extra Fine Merino Sweaters are a dime under thirty bucks.  Got one on the way for an in person.  Thoughts on the fit though?  Leave that in the comments if you’ve got experience with how their sweaters fit.


Lambswool V-Neck or Crew Neck Sweaters – $19.90

That’s not a lot for Lambswool.

100% lambswool for twenty bucks rings the ol’ too-good-to-be-true bell.  Maybe it’s thin?  An easy to layer lambswool?


Heavy Gauge Button Up Cardigan – $39.90

Missed a few.

Always good to have something like this around the house for when you don’t want to turn the heat up.  60% poly + 10% nylon, but at least 30% is wool.


The Coats: Wool/Nylon – $129.90, Wool/Cashmere – $99.90, DB Wool/Cashmere – $149.90

Three options, all stunningly affordable.

Hopes are awfully high here.  The Wool/Nylon in Navy is on the way for an in-person.  Pics of the wool/cashmere single breasted topcoat just didn’t look all that promising fit wise.  The Double Breasted does claim to have a “slim silhouette.”


Low Rise Boxer Briefs – $4.95

Not quite briefs.

The perfect balance tipper if you’re close to the $100 free shipping threshold.  Shorter legs than a standard boxer brief, so that riding up of the legs won’t be as severe.  Mainly cotton with some poly in there to wick moisture away.  The one issue:  They don’t come in exact waist sizes.  Medium = 30 – 33 waist.  That’s a big swing for those who don’t like… um… their big to swing.

Any thoughts on their pants?  What about their shirts?  Between the new jcp oxfords and Merona’s dress shirts, is there solid reason to try these out?  Leave your thoughts on Uniqlo in the comments section.