Presidential Drinking Debate – The Style Edition

The third and final debate is tonight...

3rd Presidential Debate – Monday 10/22/12 at 9pm ET

Full honesty, these political event drinking games are totally played out.  Doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.  Obligatory Disclaimer:  Not our fault if you get hammered and sick.  Your liver is your business, so drink responsibly.

The Rules:  Similar to other drinking games.  ”1 Drink” means a decent sip/pull off a beer, not an entire beer, glass of wine, or shot.  “Candidate” refers to either Obama or Romney, meaning both men could instigate a separate drink.

  • Candidate wears a tie the opposite color of his party (Obama in red, Romney in blue) 1 drink
  • Candidate wears a tie that isn’t red or blue (ex: pink) 2 drinks
  • Candidate wears peak instead of notch lapels – 2 drinks
  • …shawl collar? – 2 Martinis.  Shaken or Stirred.
  • Candidate has no definitive tie dimple – 1 drink
  • Candidate fails to show consistent, noticeable shirt-cuff during debate – 1 drink
  • Candidate’s shirt is something other than a plain white dress shirt – 2 drinks
  • Candidate is wearing a pocket square – 2 drinks
  • Candidate wears a 3-button suit instead of a 2-button – 3 drinks
  • Candidate pulls out reading glasses – drain your glass
  • Candidate skips black shoes and wears dark brown: 1 oz of good Bourbon 
  • … or wears cognac laceups:  Pass the Courvoisie.
  • Candidate neglects to wear a flag pin – Shake fist, crank Lee Greenwood, drink a Budweiser and ignore the fact that they’re now Belgian.  (And Miller is British.)
  • Mention of the Made in China US Olympic Uniforms – Tsingtao!
  • Lock of Romney’s hair falls out of place and comes down over his forehead – 2 drinks.
  • Obama checks his watchHe’s impatient, you’re impatient with a beer.  Shotgun it.
  • Moderator Bob Schieffer layers with a V-neck – Hot Toddy time
  • Schieffer channels Charles Osgood and wears a bow tie – Shot
  • Audience member is wearing short sleeves – Sip of a Mojitto 
  • Audience member is wearing shorts – Drink an entire Bud Light Lime
  • Candidate adjusts necktie – 1 drink
  • Candidate unbuttons suit jacket – 1 drink
  • Candidate removes necktie, jacket, and rolls up sleevesFinish your drink.  S#*t’s about to get real.

The 3rd Presidential debate is tonight, 10/22/12, at 9 ET.  Let’s not debate politics in the comments here.