Lastcall’s Extra 30 – 50% off Sale

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Use code FRSHIP for free shipping no min* or LCOCT75 at $75

*This requires an email signup, which they’ll ask you for at checkout. sales usually work like this:  30% off the entire site, or 40% off one item.  There are exceptions, and this appears to be one of those.  And it certainly seems to be a pretty good one.  Here’s what they’re doing through today, 10/31:

  • 50% off sweaters, cashmere, cold weather accessories, coats, and other select items
  • 40% off Men’s items, shoes, and other select categories
  • 30% off sunglasses and the rest of their site.

Looks like these all get 10% less enticing starting tomorrow, 11/1.  New stock has come in too, and there’s a few doozies…

The Splurge?  Giorgio Armani Navy Herringbone Suit – $597.00 ($1950)

$600 for a $2000 suit?

Leading with a splurge because it’s a big fat “Hm”.  Six hundred dollars is no small amount, but Giorgio Armani is no small thing either.  A new arrival, tons of sizes, and “retail” is pushing two grand.  Herringbone pattern that’s small/subtle enough that it’s not showing in the online pics (which can often be misleading).  Button stance looks a little high, but nothing extreme.  Thoughts on this one guys?  There are plenty of brands under the Armani umbrella, but if these are true Giorgio Armani suits, then this could be worth a good hard look if you have that kind of cash.


The Splurge Part II?  Giorgio Armani Grey Pinstripe Suit – $597.00 ($1950)

Light grey pinstripe would do nicely.



Handant Lace-up or Magnanni Suede Monk – $179.40 (was $299)

Limited sizes available for the monks.

Lucky you if you’re a 10.5 or 11 and you’ve been holding out on the suede monks (those are the only two sizes left at post time).  Many more sizes left in the Handant Lace-up.  Both made in Spain, and there is a wingtip with a few sizes left too.


Neiman Marcus Shave kit bag in Brown or Navy – $27.00 ($125)

For the traveler on your list.

$125 is awfully steep for a shave kit, but the extra 40% off the sale price of $45 drops these shave kits to a real nice Christmas-list friendly $27.  Ballistic nylon with croc embossed leather at the corners.


Neiman Marcus Trim Fit Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt – $33.00 ($89.50)

Feel free to wear with jeans and a cotton blazer.

Word is these shirts are pretty high quality for the price.  Perfect light blue check and a nice sized collar.  Lots of sizes available too.  One of the new arrivals.


Neiman Marcus Cashmere V-Neck or Crewneck Sweater – $77.50 ($255)

Once again, cheap cashmere is no sure thing.

Anyone have first hand experience with Neiman Marcus cashmere?  Fair to assume it’ll wear and resist piling at least a little better than most other inexpensive cashmere out there?  These are a “LC exclusive” so you’ve got to wonder if they’d be up to the same par as normal Neiman Marcus house brand cashmere.  Leave it all in the comments.  Now an extra 50% off due to their cold weather / cashmere discounts.


Burberry Military Watches in Brown or Black – $207.00 ($395)

Yes they’re quartz.

No, they obviously don’t have the same under-the-hood appeal as the now sold out Maratac Pilot watch.  Some would argue they’re not as good looking up top either.  Some would disagree.  Sapphire crystal, quartz, and made in Switzerland.  (The chronograph, but just in black, is available for about $40 more)


Hugo Boss Mitar Loafer – $119.40 | Mitano Lace-up – $117.00

Nothing wrong with inexpensive simplicity.

Both pretty plain, pretty inexpensive, and pretty good looking for the price.  You could do a lot, lot worse in the low $100s.  The descriptions say “square toe” but they seem to come to a nice rounded off edge chisel if anything.


Hugo Boss Mitarro Single Monk – $143.40 ($295)

Was just going for $167.

Only available in black.  Only if they offered them in brown…


Amicale Burgundy Check Cashmere Scarf – $49.00 ($198)

Cold weather color

All of their cashmere and cold-weather gear is an extra 50% off.  That discount puts this classic patterned (but far from dusty) scarf sqaure in the splurge bulls-eye for many of us.


Ombre Stripe Wool Scarf – $45.00 ($125)

No finger wagging necessary.

Color-blocking like baby Mutombo at a crayon throwing contest.  Not on my carpet square.


Grandoe Sheepskin Gloves in Copper/Black – $45.00 ($125)

For the blue coat?

Not a bad price for a pair of sheepskin gloves.  Wool/nylon/cashmere lined.  Has the standard three lines on the top of the glove, but they mix it up with black accents on those lines and at the wrist.  Black & Tan = nice work.  Also 50% off.


Gitman Wool Ties – $29.00 ($95)

Made in the USA

First mentioned over here and now under $30.  2.75″ in width so they’re slim but not razor thin.  Wool and made in the USA.


French Cuff Pinpoint Dress Shirt – $33.00 ($88)

Might require a trip to the tailor.

It doesn’t say whether it’s a slim or traditional fit, but even if it is, at this price some extra tailoring costs would still leave you with a relatively affordable french-cuff non-iron.


Sebago Tremont Boot – $64.50 ($165)

One of the “50% off select items”… items.

Now an extra 50% off but only available in black.  Has a super-grippy outsole.


Bruno Magli Nubuck Penny Loafer – $179.40 ($395)

Great looking shape. Interesting combination of material & color.

Black pebbled nubuck penny loafers?  Not for everyone, that’s for sure.  Made in Italy, and could probably be a go-to for many in a casual shoe lineup.

The Extra 30 – 50% off prices end today, 10/31/12.  Free shipping on any order with code FRSHIP as long as you’ve signed up for their emails.