In Person: The Lands’ End Canvas French Terry Rugby

Seeing if the LEC "rugged" rugby lives up to the potential.
 Lands’ End Canvas Rugby – $56.00 w/ FRIENDSHIP & 1520 ($80)

Friends and Family code FRIENDSHIP and pin 1520 is good for 30% off almost everything and free shipping at $50.  Code expires today, Tuesday 10/2/12.

You’re going to want to size down, and you’re going to want to wait for them to go on sale if you can.  Stock is down to just Large and XLs, and know that these fit a little generous.  They’re nowhere near as trim as the very slim Ralph Lauren Custom fit rugby, and they don’t feel as sturdy as the RL option either.

The French Terry fabric is a blue on white worsted-like combo that gives it a sharkskin-like slight metallic sheen in some light.  Some will like it, some won’t.  It’s pretty lightweight, and the corduroy collar and cuff details are fantastic.  Big fan of the medium blue on brown combination.  The quilted/chain-stitched shoulder yoke doesn’t have any of the expected beef to it.  The “reinforced” areas of the underarms and yoke are nothing more than thin patches sewn to the inside.  Not to keep comparing to the RL Custom Fit, but those have noticeable extra fabric and weight in the shoulders.  The LEC has none of that.

Size shown: Medium.  Little too much room at the sides for my 5’10” / 165-170 lb frame.

For the sports fans out there who have owned a jersey or two in their lifetime; y’know how noticeable the difference is between a standard replica, and an “authentic” jersey?  Right.  Was expecting more of an “authentic” feel with this rugby from Lands’ End Canvas, but it just didn’t deliver.

Still a great looking & mighty comfortable shirt, but consider sizing down and waiting for them to not just go on sale, but also to have access to a code to lump on top of that reduced price.  No word on whether they’ll get more sizes in stock or if this is it for the run.