In Person: The $70 DSW Double Monk Strap

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Bronx Dekimo Double Monk Strap – $69.95

Written by Dappered Roving Style Reporter Alan S.  Note that these are almost sold out online, but Alan found this pair at his local DSW brick and mortar.  They’re not in every store, but it might be worth checking out if you have one nearby.  Ships free with code SHIPR when you sign up for their email list.

When most people around here see the words “DSW” and “double monk strap” in the same sentence, they instantly think of the Mercanti Fiorentini (now available in three colors by the way).  Yeah… Well this ain’t them.  No, we’re talking about the Bronx Dekimo.  They’ve got looks that can kill, and the kicker (pun totally intended) is that they’re only $70 (or less if you’re in DSW’s rewards program).  But are they worth it?

Looking much more expensive than $70 shipped.

On the surface, it’s a fantastic looking shoe.  It doesn’t have the odd color uniformity or plastic look that other “affordable” shoes can have.  It also avoids other budget missteps like thick grandpaish soles.  Instead, you get classic double monk style in a versatile medium brown.  The toe is only barely squared, but it suits the style well.  The whole silhouette goes toe to toe (again, pun totally intended) with shoes costing hundreds of dollars more.

They fit true to size and while they look slim, they also accommodate my borderline wide feet.  Those diagonal lines you see on the interior sides are actually elastic goring.  Not really a fan of that, but you don’t notice it once they’re on. The soles are a hard synthetic, but there’s a layer of foam sandwiched in there making them surprisingly comfortable. They’re made in India, and time was definitely spent to make sure this shoe fights above its weight class.

The toes have a slight chisel, but the corners round off nicely.

While it’s great looking, it’s not a perfect.  First, the sole is glued and synthetic – an expectable trade-off at this price, but a trade-off nonetheless.  Second, while the leather has great color and feel to it, it does appear to be a little on the thin side.  After a day of test driving, creases have already formed.  Time will tell if they get any worse, but it’s a potential problem.

These aren’t Allen Edmonds Neumoras or even Mercanti Fiorentinis, but that’s not the point.  They have rock solid looks and a price that’s hard to ignore.  These may not stand up to the wear and tear of the long haul, but if you’re looking for a “starter” pair to test the waters or for something different to shake things up, the Bronx Dekimo means serious business.