Thursday Handful 9/27/12

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Sales that deserve some attention when heading into the weekend.  Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look.  Those are what make up the Friday Handful.  Expect these things when necessary.  Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below.  Included are a few picks worth pointing out.

Note:  Between the J. Crew sale and the GAP / GQ launch, this one needed to jump the gun by a day.

GAP:  GQ x Gap officially Launches

The Pick:  Ovadia and Sons “Club Shirt” (Blazer?) – $138.00

Think the men’s style establishment is finally getting the hint that there’s a market to be had in the makes-under-$50k a year crowd?  GQ and GAP have partnered up for a collection that highlights one of GQ’s six “best new designers in America.”  It debuts today at and in select GAP stores.  So more of an “on-sale” and less of a “sale” notification here.  Wonder if it’ll be successful enough that they’ll consider doing this again next year.

UPDATE:  Looks like that lighter grey herringbone blazer seen in all the promo materials hasn’t hit the site yet?  Odd…


J. Crew: 25% off orders of $150* with code STYLE25

Find socks or a tee to trip the $150 threshold.

The Picks: Stripe Twill Ludlow Sportcoat – $141 ($188) | Or Cord Sportcoat & Socks – $112.87

Offer not applicable on In Good Company third-party branded partnerships or men’s suiting.”  Men’s suiti… OH COME ON FRANK.  Thanks to reader Tim and the rest of you guys who sent in style tips.  For the twill sportcoat, it’s expensive, but it’ll work well in scenarios like these and will look more polished than the Target Kensington.  For the corduroy sportcoat, you’ll need those socks from J. Crew Factory to tip the balance, since the sportcoat is $138, and the socks are $12.50.  There are a few other options (tees, boxers) in that just over $12 price point, so scout it out if you’re wanting the corduroy sportcoat at a discount.  The free shipping is a real nice cherry on top too.  Code expires 9/30.


Macys:  “Fall Spectacular” w/ extra 20% off 2-day specials

Grey suit guy looks like he could snap blue suit guy in half.

The Pick: Bar III Dark Blue Pindot – $207.99 | Tallia Charcoal Stripe – $203.99

If you scour their 2-day specials for this sale, there are some deals that certainly seem to be worthy of the “lowest prices of the season” tag.  The navy peak pindot from Bar III is a very nice suit for the price.  More on it over here.  Meanwhile, the Bar III charcoal isn’t quite as cheap, but it’s still well under that $300 barrier that plenty of guys on tight budgets can’t break.  And as far as a wildcard goes, the Tallia has a purple stripe, looks pretty short in the jacket, and the dude they put in it looks like a linebacker trying to slip into a pair of kicker’s shoulder pads.  BUT… Tallia usually runs lean and trim and they get a mention in GQ/Esquire every so often.  Prices reflect the extra 20% off two-day specials that are going on through today, 9/27.


LastCall: Extra 40% off up to two items (EXP 9/27 at 8 AM CENTRAL)

Sorry Westcoast readers.

The Picks: Burberry Chrono – $258 ($495) | Cashmere Scarf – $58.80 ($195)

Before the watch fans lose their breakfast over the Burberry chrono, know that it’s Swiss made (by Fossil.  Yes really) and has a sapphire crystal.  40mm is the sweet spot in diameter as well.  Ships free with LCSEP75.  Has a retro-futuristic dichotomy going in with the styling.  But yes, plenty turn their noses up at fashion house watches.  Meanwhile, there’s the cashmere scarf.  Sixty bucks.  Nice colors and you’ve got more than just that option if you’re looking for something soft to throw around your neck this fall.  Know that the extra 40% off up to two items birthday sale at ends this morning at 8am Central.


Calvin Klein: 40% off Everything

$150? That’ll work. For work.

The Pick: Corbin Leather Briefcase – $149.70 ($249.50)

That might be the cleanest looking leather work brief under $200 out there.  And it’s way under $200.  16″ wide. 2.75″ deep, and the fact that it’s real leather (not gonna be the thickest stuff one would think) and not pleather is encouraging.  Part of the 40% off (almost) everything sale that ends today, 9/27.

Also worth a note:  Lands’ End (Canvas almost surely too) just launched their Friends & Family sale.  Code FRIENDLY and pin 2702 gets you 30% off (with very limited exclusions) and free shipping no minimum.  Bloomingdale’s is doing their F&F sale and FRIENDS12 takes 20% off almost all sale and regular priced merchandise.  Free shipping too.