The Shops at Target Review – ODIN

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The Shops at Target for Men: ODIN New York 

Between the GQ & Gap collection set to launch tomorrow (Thursday), JC Penney’s new line that’s driven by Nick Wooster (got the blazer on the way), and Target continuing their “shops at target” thing, there’s more collaberation going on in affordable retail than there is on the last few Santana Albums.

Seriously.  Gavin Rossdale and Santana doing Bang a Gong?  And… Nas?  The hell?

For the fall, Target has turned to the New York City boutique ODIN.  The entire collection leans dark and somehow mixes concrete jungle with a slight injection of Lumberjack.  Right.  Merchandise can greatly vary by store so not every piece is shown below, but leave it to the guys on Threads to not just pick up some of the slack, but beat the main site to the punch (the line launched in early September).  Head over here for more reaction from PhillyStyl and BenR as well as a few more shots courtesy of Ben.  Note:  Items below aren’t necessarily “picks” so read those descriptions.

Odin Shawl collar birds eye sweater – $34.99

Best of the collection.

The positives:  The fit is surprisingly spot on (size shown above = medium).  Not bulky like other Target offerings.  The 80% cotton / 20% nylon fabric is terrific.  Soft with some texture.  Great collar and cuffs.  Feels pretty well made too.  The armpit seams didn’t even hint at blowing out when I pulled the thing off.

The Negatives:  Nothing really.  Could become a new favorite fall weekend sweater for guys who like the shawl collar thing.  Might be worth sitting tight for a sale though.


Odin Charcoal Suede Boot – $49.99

Decent for the price.

The positives:  Grey suede.  There’s a soft spot around these parts for that.  Contrast sole is nice.  Has that Red-Wing work boot look to it.  Uppers feel decent and the stitch detail (even though they’re glued) is nice around the outside.

The negatives:  They’re tough to find in store.  The only sizes left were 8 and 9 at the brick & mortar closest to the Dappered home offices, so trying them on was impossible.  Interior feels a little cheap, but they’re fifty bucks.


Odin Fair Isle Cotton Crewneck – $34.99

Capitalizing on a trend with more affordable materials

The Positives:  Once again the fit is pretty good.  No having to size down.  Not a bad sweater for those who are curious about the entire Fair Isle trend, since it’s not crazy loud and comes in a darker color palate.

The Negatives:  100% cotton feels so-so, but making it in cotton means it costs less than a standard wool version.  Fair Isle is one of those things that you either like, or, you don’t because it reminds you too much of every dusty itchy sweater from all those thrift store trips that resulted in nothing but disappointment.


Odin Cotton/nylon hooded parka – $69.99

Size shown: Small. Shoulda gone Medium.

The Positives:  Nice blend of cotton and synthetic so it should shed water.  Zipper & button front feels substantial.  Great navy color. Interior drawstring at the waist allows you to cinch it in a bit if you want.

The Negatives:  Doesn’t feel like a $70 jacket.  Feels a little thin, and won’t do anything to keep you warm in temps below 50.  Most will pass on this at this price.


Odin Flannel Shirt – $29.99

This some kind of ticket pocket?

The Positives:  Fabric seemed decent.

The Negatives:  Didn’t even take it off the rack.  That oddly placed mini pocket seems too weird.  It’s so small that… what would you even put in it?  A couple of quarters for the parking meter?  A condom?  “Hey Baby, we’re in luck.  I’m wearin’ my goin’ out shirt, and I just so happen to have loaded it up before headin’ out.  OH YEAH.”


Best in Show:  Merona OCBD – $22.99

Basic and versatile

The Positives:  These obviously aren’t from the ODIN line.  But you might stumble across them in Target when looking around for the ODIN stuff.  These aren’t the new poplin button downs, but instead a thicker oxford cloth.  The standard white and light blue colors are available, and the fit is trim.  No sizing down here.  One button at the back of the collar and a center box pleat.  Credit to Kyle for sending in the style tip about these.

The Negatives:  Seems like there’s a larger than normal gap between sizes.  A small was tiny on my frame.  But a medium was starting to get a little on the big side.  Hard to complain though for the price.


Meanwhile, there’s these now:  Timex Weekender Slip Thru with Leather Strap – $34.99

The newbie.

The Positives: It’s no $17 like the recent Groupon deal, but it’s good to see that they’ve expanded the lineup to include a leather strap version.

The Negatives:  Who knows how well that strap will hold up.  Didn’t look razor thin, but it didn’t look all that thick either.

Thoughts on the new ODIN line?  What general direction would you like to see Target go in for their next Shops at Target collection?  Leave it all in the comments section below.