The Modern Men’s Style Mt. Rushmore

Poll time.  Who are the top 4 current style icons?
Who are the top 4 icons in men’s style today?

Not male fashion icons.  Style.  If you were being forced to adopt someone else’s style, someone in the public eye, you’d turn to one of these guys first.  These types might not break new ground every time they walk out the door, but they always look sharp.  In 20 years from now when we look back at old photos, they’ll still look solid.

These are the men who one day might be seen as early 21st century versions of Cary Grant or Steve McQueen.

Invoking Executive Privilege here:  Clooney is one of the four.  He can slay em’ in a tux, yet doesn’t take dressing well too seriously.  Uncomplicated, sharp, and effortless are all good words.  In a sense he’s just a guy.  An insanely rich, real handsome, dressed in Armani most of the time… guy.

Who finishes off the facade?  Daniel Craig?  What about Jay-Z?  Ryan Gosling is in the conversation.  And all credit to Tom Ford.  He’s not just a consumer but a creator, and somehow he’s avoided the extreme attention grabbing looks other designers fall victim to.  Does Dwayne Wade or David Beckham (& their risks) crack the top four?

Your picks go in the comments.  Let’s carve some rock.

Mt. Rushmore photo credit: K. Magoon | George Clooney Photo Credit: N. GeninMore on the real Mt. Rushmore here.