Style Poll: Favorite thing to do when Dressed Up

You're all dressed up.  Now what?

Top “The DeSoto is warmed up and I’m waiting darling” photo credit: Marc Banks

Dressing “well” is a means to an end.  Not the end.  So once you put on your favorite shoes, maybe a nice watch, and a suit or a jeans/shirt/sweater/blazer combo… what’s your favorite thing to go and actually do?  Is it:

– Meet a date for cocktails?
– Get dinner with friends?
– See a show?
– Hit a big charity event that’s going on?
Explore a new city?
Stay in and make your significant other a nice meal?
– Play poker?
– Run into that girl who dumped you in high school who has since developed a transcendent relationship with Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits?

So what do you love to do when you’re looking sharp?  Yeah, it’s a real general question, but be specific if you’d like.  We’re headed into a weekend here.  Might inspire someone to try something different, or, help us appreciate what we’re lucky enough to be able to do.