Quick Picks: New Nordstrom Sale Items

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Nordstrom Sneaky Sale – September 2012

You’re a tricky one Nordstrom.  All the other retailers go full attention-whore when they offer even the slightest bit of markdowns.  You?  You play it cool.  Cold even.  Nary a mention of the injection of new stock to your sale section.  A small mention of a shoe sale on your Facebook page, and then a few buried graphics on the site.  Right.  Cold.

This thing has the feel of a very late summer clearance, so you won’t find a ton of clothing picks below since size ranges are almost non existent.  What has been picked will have at least some decent size selection as of post time.

Boss Black Round Silver Dial Watch – $96.90 ($195)

Lots of looks for under a hundred.

Clean with class to burn.  Textured grid center keeps the dial from looking too blank.  Perfect 40mm case diameter.  Mineral crystal, a quartz of course, and now under $100.


John Varvatos Star USA “Filmore” striped suit – $349.90 ($695)

Down to on-sale BR price levels.

Looks a little chopped in the jacket, but maybe that’s just the model?  If not, at least it ships and returns free.  A true suit with unhemmed trousers.  Considered a trim fit.  Wool, and from one of the more affordable Varvatos lines.


John Varvatos Star USA “Filmore” checked suit – $349.90 ($695)

Sizes are pretty limited on this one.

A safer play than the grey stripes, this one is more subtle with a blue on navy check pattern.  Perfect for the guys who want something with a little bit of depth to it, but don’t want to go over the top with noticeable patterns.


Linea Naturale ‘Maestro’ Frosted Check Wool Trousers – $76.90 ($155)

Conservative but not crusty.

Better not call these Bob pants.  Speaking of subtle patterns, same theory goes for these as the checked suit only they’re solo pant form.  Flat front, mid-rise, made from lightweight Italian wool.  For those that believe in the power of pants.


Cole Haan Howland Penny Driver – $99.90 ($148)

Check the reviews on these. They’re mixed.

Perfect color, and they happen to also be available in a wide width.  But be warned, these apparently run narrow.  Reviews are really mixed on these, with complaints of tearing through the toes only after a few months.  Rear heel doesn’t have any real discernible branding, unlike the well liked by some Polo driver series.


Calibrate Navigator Sunglasses – $33.90 ($69.50)

Free shipping/returns is a huge plus for sunglasses.

Haven’t ever seen these in person, but they’ve always had potential.  The wire frame / plastic earpieces look has always been a nice blend.  Classy, but not full on aviator.  Lenses don’t look to be too big on these either.


Happy Socks striped/solid 2-pack – $8.90 ($19.00)

Oscar and Felix.

Y’know how you hedge when it comes to the loud sock thing?  You get a pair, in this case for “free”, that’s a solid cousin of your big and bold striped socks.  $8.90 for two pairs and they ship free.


RVCA Weekend Duffel – $39.90 ($60)

Black is the new, uh, black.

A brutally basic bag for the guys who have zero interest in the good-looking-duffel trend, yet still need something to put their crap in for a couple of days away.  That bandana tied to a stick hobo look just doesn’t work.  Cheap.  2508 cubic inches of space.  No Puma logo on the exterior.


Jack Spade Card Case in cross-hatch – $36.90 ($75) or grain – $31.90 ($65)

Subtle texture is a plus.

Jack Spade is a brand that has mastered that modern but not too modern look.  And sometimes they’ll make you pay for it.  Not here though.  Well, thirty bucks still isn’t pennies, but they’re pretty classy.


Red Wing Classic Moc – $159.90 ($240) | Iron Ranger – $179.90 ($280)

Poops out flip flops.

BEASTS.  Made in America beasts.  33% off on each of these, which means there’s a chance they’ll dip further to 50% off if they hang around for awhile longer.  Lots of sizes available.  Legendary quality.  The anti-croc.

No word if/when prices expires or if further reductions will be taken.  Sipping & returns are free at Nordstrom.