Quick Picks: DSW’s Tiered Sale

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DSW code SPLURGE: $10 off $74, $25 off $139, $40 off $199

Also use the code SHIPR to get free shipping at $35.  You do have to be on their email list to use both codes.

Been awhile since DSW ran one of these tiered sales.  Cross a certain spend threshold, get a different discount.  But you have to be a “DSW Rewards” member, which is nothing more than signing up for their email list.  Well worth the 2 minutes it takes to do that.

You can stack the code SHIPR for free shipping, so that knocks another $7 or $8 off the final price, but once again, you have to hand over your email address.  Some of you guys seem borderline allergic to that, but in the years I’ve been on the DSW email list, they’ve been pretty restrained with what they send out and when.

Mercanti Fiorentini Double Monk – $124.95 ($149.95)

Black is the new cognac, which was the new brown, which was the new black.

Not everybody like’s monk straps.  Not everyone likes black shoes.  But these make for an extremely sleek alternative to your normal black laceups.  Think: light grey suit, light blue shirt, black tie, and these.  There’s some eye catching conrast there.  That and DSW’s house brand Mercanti Fiorentini seems to hold up extremely well despite being glued.  Put a pair of these (in cognac) and a pair of their since discontinued plain toe oxfords through hell, and they’re holding up great.  Bare feet all summer, the only pair of shoes for 4 days in Las Vegas, kicked a bottle of olive oil (don’t ask) over and had it shatter all over them… they keep coming back for more.  Made in Italy.  Review here.


The Bass Double: Suede Chukka – $69.95 + Penny Loafer – $69.95 = $114.90

Buying one?  Consider getting some socks to trip the code.

Both are going for $69.95.  Multiply by two, that’s just over the second threshold, subtract twenty five bucks and you’re at $115 for both pairs.  Now, Bass shoes won’t blow your mind quality-wise, but lots of guys like em’. And both of these are plenty safe in style.  Penny loafer leans heavily towards a boat shoe, but it’ll still work in fall.


Sebago Handsewn Loafer – $84.94 + Converse Jack Purcell – $54.95 = $114.89

Sebago is $10 off if you get just that.

Meanwhile, in other versatile casual shoe combinations that get just over that second threshold news… The Sebagos only come in a one click up wide size.  Unless you’ve got a narrow foot & long toes, sizing down could work (got the same pair in a different leather and a size 10 works for me just fine.)  They’re tough as hell too.  Stitched sole and thick leather.  The Jack Purcells are also available in Navy and Black.


Mike Konos Luca Cap Toe – $124.95 or Mike Konos Wingtip – $124.95

Left: Dressed up. Right: Not really.

The Mike Konoses?  Konosi?  Whatever.  They’re made in Italy, but they’re almost certainly glued.  Which for $125 isn’t a bad thing, plus these are a DSW house brand, and like the already mentioned Mercanti Fiorentini, they should be able to hold up well.  The Mike Konos wingtip is much more casual than the Luca Cap toe.  If you’ve already got a pair of expensive, stitched, brown dress shoes, maybe the black pair of Lucas could be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the other common shoe color option.


Johnston & Murphy Kholson Chukka in brown – $69.94 or black – $79.94

Hurry Launch Pad! Get GizmoDuck!  The Beagle Boys are coming!

Take a Clark’s wallabee, put it on Atkins, and you get these.  A slightly less chunky version of a strange looking shoe.  Some guys swear by the wallabee.  These have potential.  Too bad about that ankle patch though.


Mezlan Suede Medallion Double Monk – $239.95 ($279.95)

The “honey I just got a raise” shoe.

Magnanni makes a verrrry similar pair of suede double monks that go for the low $200s during extra 30% off LastCall.com sales but these have two details that might make some want to spend the extra $30:  1. The buckles have that rounded off shape.  2. There’s a medallion of perforations at the toe.  Both make these look slightly more elegant.  Made in Spain.

The $10 off $74, $25 off $139, and $40 off $199 code SPLURGE expires Monday 9/10/12.