Day off and looking ahead

Now boarding, flight outta-here.

Photo credit: Karl-Martin Skontorp

This time instead of a day off, it’s more like a week (and no, “Fashion Week” isn’t  in the cards).  But that doesn’t mean the site is going to go dark.  Here’s what’s coming up next week:

  • 5 days in a row of 5 favorites from some of Dappered’s best readers.  Yup.  You guys.
  • Correspondent posts featuring things you might want to drive, listen to, and drink.
  • A style battle for your wrist.
  • The one piece of technology that might land you a date on a plane.
  • A couple hand-crafted, small batch Dappered Classics.

Once this brief hiatus ends, expect a new one-store-one-outfit, more style scenarios, and rundown of the best coats, boots, and blazers of fall 2012.  And if you’re hunting for some deals, discussion, etc… there’s always Dappered Threads.

And now the obligatory… well… we’re running out of those, so…