Brooks Brothers F&F 25% off – The Clearance Section

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Take 25% off at with FNFBB1

Code expires Monday September 24, 2012.  In case you’re suit shopping, here’s the order in which Brooks Brothers suits fit, with the Milano fitting the slimmest: Milano<Regent<Fitzgerald<Madison (note that the Fitzgerald is “inspired by JFK” and still claims a trimmer fit.)

This is where the real bargains reside.  For lots if not most of us, 25% off Brooks Brothers full retail is a start, but just a start.  You have to wait until one of these codes comes along that you can apply to already on-sale merchandise.  You’re doubling up your discounts here (no need to double check) and after sifting through all the extreme sizes, there’s a few items with a good variety of sizes still lurking in the shadows.  A light.  Let’s shine one:

Fitzgerald Fit Bedford Cord Half-Canvas Suit – $224.25 ($598)

Could be the steal of the sale.

Tempting.  Extremely tempting.  Italian corduroy with a fine wale.  Half lined and claims to be half-canvassed.  Has enormous potential to be broken up and worn separately.  One of those suits that’s perfect for the type of guy who just likes to wear suits every once in awhile, even if he doesn’t have to.  Tons of sizes.  Wear it with a simple tie like the model does, or, skip the tie and layer a v-neck under once the weather gets colder.  The kind of suit that wingtip boots are made to be worn with.


Garrett Suede Roadster Jacket – $261.75 ($698)

Suede pants? No. Suede jacket? Maybe.

Not bad for a leather jacket.  But this one isn’t your run of the mill bomber.  Light tan suede, throat latch on a Harrington style collar, and two zipper pockets on the chest.  Bit of an anomaly, but it’s not like everyone (or anyone) on the block will have one.


Linen Cotton Cable Knit Crewneck Sweater – $48.00 ($128)

Warning: BB sweaters can run big.

Was half off, now an extra 25% off gets it under $50.  Beefy cable knit on a cotton/linen blend.  Linen is one of those materials that seems to do nothing but make everything else better once it gets added.


Brooks Brothers Linen/Cotton “Short” Trench Coat – $149.25 ($398)

Sizes are about gone, but the price is dirt cheap.

By “short” Brooks Brothers must mean “not past the knee”.  But they’re a traditional company, so to them, this is short.  No epaulets, linen cotton blend, and a great color.  Just large and XL available at post time.


Buckle Front Waxed Cotton Jacket – $168 ($448)

“Lemme show ya somethin”

Not buttons, but buckles.  Fireman style.  Dark grey waxed cotton and “tailored for a slimmer fit.”  Appears to have reinforced shoulders and elbows.  Nice looking investment piece for someone who spends a lot of time in their casual jacket.


Extra slim fit Non-iron shirts: Luxury Twill | Royal Oxford French Cuff – $55.50 ($128)

Two cloths in the same color.

Some of you guys swear by Brooks Brothers shirts.  Sizes are a bit scattered, and mind the very small stripes on the twill, but $55.50 is a decent price if you’re looking to pick up just one shirt from BB.


Extra slim fit end-on-end checked sport shirt  – $29.81 ($79.50)

Seven colors available. Red, orange, light blue, etc…

A supima broadcloth button down shirt with a nice gingham check for thirty bucks?  Sure thing.


Extra slim fit Irish Linen sport shirt –  $36.94 ($98.50)

Also web only, also now a good price.

Like the checked shirts, these are a web only item and have dipped down to a more than reasonable price for a good, versatile sport shirt.  Button down collar.  100% Irish linen.  Blue or white available.


Would you wear it?  Milano Bead Stripe 1818 Suit – $374.25 ($998)

The 1-grand suit is now under $400.

Was tipping the price scale at a grand, now down to under what it costs to get your hands on a SuitSupply.  It’s their Milano cut, so it’s going to fit trimmer than all other Brooks Brothers suits.  Three button but a roll lapel which you’ll see a lot more of from retailers in the coming year.  But those stripes… those are bold.  Gangster like?  Or just interesting enough?

The Brooks Brothers Friends & Family 25% off site wide code FNFBB1 expires on Monday 9/24.