5 Favorites – Reader Nicholas Crawford

The start of a week long series of 5-favorites, all from you the readership.

5 Favorites from Dappered Reader All-Star Nick Crawford

It's almost too much to ask me to save the worldSure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc…  Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This week you’ll find favorites from some of Dappered’s most active readers.

When not taking care of and arranging the fickle beasts that pump oxygen into our atmosphere (Tree and Landscape contractor), Nicholas Crawford is roaming the well behaved halls of Dappered Threads as one of its moderators.  Or, y’know, tending to his family (he and his wife have kids.) 

It’s easy to tell that Nick genuinely likes life.  He’s also the Dappered Threads user archetype: Quick with an idea, slow to judge (read: never) and fun as hell to interact with.  Extremely glad to have him on board.

#1. Vivarti Socks – $15.00 – $18.00

“I bought a gift box of these for my Dad, and he talks about it every time I talk to him.  They’re so good that I bought three pairs for myself and wear them to pieces.  Actually, The Rollover started fraying immediately but has since stopped and is still my favorite sock for a gray or black suit.  If you buy only one, get The Hedgistan.  Aptly named.” 


#2. This $5 thrifted navy blazer

Yes.  You can find one of your own.  It’s not as unlikely as being left as the sole surviving male on Planet Earth after the apocalypse, and the only female left to repopulate the earth is Christina Hendricks.  It’s not as unlikely as buying an item before Joe features it on the site (only was able to pull it off once with this cardigan here)  But it will take a lot of visits to a lot of thrift stores before you land something that’s in perfect condition, perfect for you, and $5.”  (Left: Before tailoring.  Right:  After tailoring)


#3. One (or two) good ties

“I actually have two ties that I bounce between.  One is a red knit tie with navy dots from JackThreads which has long since sold out.  The other is this navy pindot tie from Indochino.  No need to over think this.  Get a relatively boring solid tie with subtle accents like that, and you’ll have a workhorse that makes it easy to match and easy to pack for a trip.  A h/t to my own name – try the Nicky knot.”  (Photo CreditMolly Kreeger Photography)


#4.  Sharing economy sites like TaskRabbit, Zipcar, Zimride, and SideCar

I moved with my family from Milwaukee to San Francisco in April with one car, no job, and a limited supply of savings.  Using these sites, I’ve got an extra vehicle when I need it (ZipCar) and can provide rides with the one we have when I’m already driving around (SideCar & Zimride).  With TaskRabbit, I have a steady stream of work doing jobs that people post to the site.  In no small way, this has revolutionized my life.”


#5.  Surrendering the Fit Fight (shown: Uniqlo Linen Blazer, size small)

I used to always by clothes that were a size Large.  Then I tried Mediums…and now I wear mostly Small without losing a pound.  If you’re at the beginning of your journey, I encourage you to surrender the fit fight and buy what fits you instead of what size you think you are.  Goodwill might miss out on a pile of donations, but your wallet will thank you!

For Previous editions of “5 Favorites” see the archive here. Very Top “5” Photo Credit: Gunnar Bangsmoen