5 Favorites – Reader Marshall Lilly

Finding out the favorites from some of the readership.

5 Favorites from Dappered Reader All-Star Marshall Lilly

Sure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc… Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This week you’ll find favorites from some of Dappered’s most active readers.

Marshall is a 30-year old trying to straddle the line between dressing well while working in a conservative city (Washington D.C.), but living in a more laid-back city (Baltimore).  He works at the Brookings Institution and has come across everyone from Bill Clinton to John McCain to King Abdullah of Jordan, who once gave him and his wife matching Swiss watches.  He’s also covered in Tattoos.  It’s been his experience that if you put the effort into really figuring out who you are, you can square just about any circle.

He’s hugely active in the comments section here on Dappered, and the tone of his comments is always appreciated..

#1.  Ledbury Shirts

“I know ratio is considered tops around here, but this Virginia-based company is worth checking out.  Every Wednesday, they do a giveaway on Facebook, and have sales regularly.  I wore one of their shirts at my wedding and I can’t say enough good things about these guys.”


#2. Mountain & Sackett Ties

“Handmade ties from New York. When I needed one of their ties for my wedding, they didn’t have the longer version in stock at the time.  I emailed them and explained my dilemma.  Someone emailed me back the next day saying they’d make the long version of the tie I needed.  Can’t beat that.  They do giveaways on Art of Manliness and have sales on a regular basis.


#3. Tokens & Icons cufflinks

“This is a splurge, but you can get cufflinks made from game-used hockey pucks, baseballs, stadium seats, etc.  It’s more about knowing where they came from as opposed to other people seeing them.  Totally worth it.”


#4.  Field Notes Brand

These notepads are for people who appreciate things (books, records, etc.) as objects.  These guys put out limited edition versions four times a year that will make you fall back in love with the idea of actually writing things down as opposed to emailing things to yourself or recording it in your Ipad.”


#5.  Goodwill/Thrift Shops

“If you’re lucky, you can find a pair of Allen Edmonds for $30.  I’m not kidding.  It never ceases to amaze me what people will give away.  You can by a pair of used Allen Edmonds for $30, then pay the $120 to get them completely re-crafted, and then end up with what amounts to a brand new pair of $330 shoes for half the price.  You can’t beat that if you tried.” 
Goodwill Photo Credit: Terry Ross

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