5 Favorites – Music & Media correspondent Tim Johnstone

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5 Favorites from Media Correspondent Tim Johnstone

Sure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc…  Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This is the stuff they’d grab if the house was burning down.

Tim Johnstone is a former Virgin Records Label Rep and current award winning Music Director/on-air host at KRVB, a radio station which has been awarded among other things, the FMQB AAA station of the year for markets 50+.  He has an incredible ear, but you’d never hear him say that.  Instead, after finding out a bit about you, he might gently put a CD in your hands, and after one listen you’d find yourself asking why the hell you hadn’t ever heard of this amazing band before, which was perfect for your road trip/house party/night-in.

He’s also currently developing a website called thenanigans.com, which is a daily rolling best-of-the-web buffet, minus any caloric guilt.  It’s a daily read.  Especially Fridays if you like GIFs.

#1.  Levi’s 514’s & white long sleeve button down shirt

“This is a combination that has served me well since high school.  I realize this might not be a good thing, but there is comfort in familiarity.  The only thing that has changed is the style of Levis.  Back then they were 501’s.  I’ve upgraded to 514’s with thanks to Joe for the recommendation.  (editor’s note:  I’m still a big fan of 501s, but 514s provide a slimmer look without getting too skinny.)  I feel like the look is clean and simple. Also, versatile. This works with just about most footwear and it looks great with your sleeves rolled up, paired with a blazer, etc…


#2. Laceless Converse All-Stars – $45 – $55

“These have stepped up (ouch, sorry) as my preferred footwear for the spring and summer months.  They even serve me well in an Indian Summer.  As much as I’ve enjoyed my John Varvatos editions, those were pre-distressed and expensive.  I appreciate the clean lines and non-frayed edges of the genuine, less-expensive deal.  I find them, much like the Levi’s and white oxford, clean and simple.  Plus, they are equally versatile.”


#3.  iPad

“There is a reason this particular device has changed the way people interact with their virtual world.  Because of the iOS interface, if you use an iPhone, you already know how this works.  It’s just bigger.  Which means that you can actually view the internet.  And, more importantly, work via it.  You have a keyboard that is practical for extended typing.  I can update my blog.  E-mail, social media, music and media (including Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud) all work well.

For personal travel, nothing beats being able to stash a stack of books without, you know…toting a stack of books.  Same goes for magazines and games (from classic Atari 200 games to yes, those angry birds).  I use it to record interviews with artists on site, away from the studio.  I’ve watched movies on planes.  I can do just about anything on this that I do on my laptop.  And it is portable enough to carry in your hands if needed.” 
Paul Hudson


#4.  Aveda for men Skin and Hair Care

“This is my luxury.  I’ve been a fan of Aveda’s skin and hair line since I was first introduced to them in the early 90’s.  The company pioneered the concept of aromatherapy via it’s environmentally friendly products.  They waited some time before introducing a line specifically for men, but they got it right.  The Aveda Men Pure-formance line features shampoos (including the must-have exfoliating shampoo – you get a scalp massage while you shampoo), a conditioner and several options for styling needs, including a couple different pomades, a gel, a cream and a a grooming clay.  I also use their shave cream & aftershave moisturizer.  All recommended.”


#5.  Cook’s Illustrated

“Because one cannot live on take out alone.  Because there will come a time where you will (or should) cook a meal for someone special.  Because chances are you might need an assist.

Cook’s Illustrated gets you from beginner cook to ‘hey that’s really good’ without the expensive cooking classes.  The largely black and white magazine includes step by step instructions for every kind of dish imaginable.  It explains the reason why things taste good when done the right way.  They discover short cuts that actually save you time without sacrificing flavor.  From comfort food and basics, to haute cuisine and new favorites you get the science behind what makes a perfect dish perfect.  And Cook’s Illustrated, like Consumer Reports, doesn’t accept advertising.  So when they do taste and product tests on every type of food related consumer product from over the counter consumables to the kitchen equipment, they bring an unbiased, study based approach to their findings.  Why subscribe?  the archives. the recipes. the how-to’s.

For Previous editions of “5 Favorites” see the archive here. Very Top “5” Photo Credit: Gunnar Bangsmoen