Would you wear it? The Knit Blazer

One part sweater or sweatshirt, one part jacket.
Above:  Shades of Grey Navy Pique Cotton Knit Blazer – $89.99 ($198)

Have you guys seen these yet?  Seems like they’ve gained steam since spring.  Plenty of us have a real soft spot for sportcoats and blazers that are so unlined they’re little more than a shirt cut into the shape of a jacket.

But what about a sweater that has had the same done to?  Or a sweatshirt?  Seems like plenty of brands have jumped on board by making one of these knit/sportcoat hybrids:

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Cotton Knit Blazer – $89.99 ($275)

Lil’ Mac’s Sunday Best

Seen this one in person.  It looks really soft, but has a bit of a sweatshirt heathering to it.  It’s smooth and clean, but still unmistakeably knit even from a bit of a distance.


Marc New York Wool Knit Peak Lapel – $90.39 ($350)

Like a cardigan. With peak lapels. And just two buttons.

Something as dressed up as a peak lapel is a real reach on these things.  At least it’s 100% wool though?


Brooks Brothers Merino Knit Blazer – $199.00 ($398)

On sale but still $200.

Well that’s something.  Brooks Brothers not only has a knit blazer, they gave it a 3/2 roll.

Thoughts?  Would you wear it?  Do you have one already?  Or is something just off?  Leave it all below…