Win it: The Wheelmen & Co. Babylon Backpack

Made in the USA, and blows the competition away.

In Person: Wheelmen & Co Babylon Backpack – $208.00

Consider this week of giveaways a thanks.  Without your readership, your emails, your terrific comments, and your willingness to spread the word, Dappered wouldn’t exist.  The collection of good guys who frequent this corner of the internet is by far the greatest achievement of this website.  Good luck, and once again, thanks a million.

Open up and say Orange.

Consider this the wildcard of the week.  Sometimes you need something more than a briefcase, a duffel won’t cut it, and/or you’re mobile for long stretches on foot or two wheels.  That’s the case for plenty of you guys every single day.  And there’s just something about this Wheelmen & Co. outfit.

They appear to specialize in stuff that’s styled like it’s from the past, but they don’t sacrifice usability and durability when going for a certain look like other brands might .  They make wallets, duffels, briefcases and the oft mentioned $29 Thomas belt.  All of it is made here in the USA.  Wheelmen & Co is equal parts style and substance, and the Babylon is a perfect example of this.

The pack has a stand-out rucksack look, but you get real padded straps, an adjustable chest strap, pivoting hardware so the straps and bag move with you instead of your torso fighting against it, a padded back, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Comes in four shades of 100% waxed cotton.  1000 denior nylon lined.  Top grain leather accents and there’s a pocket specifically for your lap top.  1638 cubic inches and seems cavernous, yet it won’t dwarf most of us.

Looking forward to keeping an eye on Wheelmen & Co.  They already make the world’s classiest beer koozie, so who knows what they’ll come up with in the future.

Win it: To enter to win this Babylon backpack, send your first and last name in an email to w/ the subject: “Babylon”.  One entry per person.  Deadline: 11:59pm E.T. on 8/4/12.  Good luck, and thanks to Wheelmen & Co providing their Babylon Backpack for reader appreciation week.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Jerel B. who won the Babylon Backpack from Wheelmen & Co.  Thanks to all who entered!